New Beginnings


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New York City. The place where dreams are born and limits are pushed to the max. A city that’s full of dreamers and go-getters. If you keep your eyes on the prize and don’t give up, you have a shot at making it. Because let’s face it, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

This was the thought process I had of New York City before I moved here two and a half years ago. Since that move, I have seen first hand how much this city can push you, but also how it can reward you. I’ve learned to work hard and fight to accomplish the goals that I have in life. I also realized that sleep is a privilege that not all are given. You must surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who have the same work ethic as you. To ensure that you are challenging yourself to be better person than you were yesterday, you must continue to grow and evolve.

Today’s post was curated for this very reason. As continues to grow and evolve, I have decided to take the blog to a new level by starting a Youtube Channel! :) This channel will consist of Style Videos, LookBooks & other fun life events that I decide to share. The Channel will make it’s debut on Monday, November 24th!! Make sure to follow and stay tuned in to Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to see when it goes live!

In the meantime, today’s look is one of the looks that will be featured on the 1st style video. It was inspired by my never-ending love for sequins and leather. I love mixing the two together just as much as I love wearing them independently. I swear if I had a closet with only leather, sequins (and fur) as my only options of clothing, I would be one happy camper! :)


ChrissyJoyNYC5.jpg ChrissyJoyNYC3.jpg ChrissyJoyNYC9.jpg ChrissyJoyNYC7.jpg ChrissyJoyNYC2.jpg ChrissyJoy6.jpg

Dress: Armani Exchange // Vest: Express // Clutch: Vintage // Hat: H&M // Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Photographer: Derek (@zhetut)

Xo, Chrissy Joy

Downtown Girl


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Brooklyn is not only where I call home, it is the city where I find the most inspiration. From Fort Greene and Clinton Hill to Park Slope and Greenpoint, the environment is chill and laid back. The style is seen in an artistic view rather than a statement of labels.

Granted, my neighborhood would be classified as “Spanish Brooklyn”, and known more for family fun, and sidewalk Singing/Spanish dance sessions. However, I like to explore the more artistic areas of Brooklyn whenever possible, because it’s definitely refreshing and more of my scene.

My definition of Brooklyn style is “downtown chic”.

Simple, relaxed, effortless, yet it makes a statement in its own way. Everyone seems to have that “I just woke up and threw on this layered to perfection look with combat boots and a brim hat…but I’m just chilling”. It’s often accompanied with tattoos, piercings or just a cool pair of vintage shades.

A good friend and I recently went to the Brooklyn Park to catch up. The area was so relaxing and beautiful. It overlooked the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridge, had an enclosed carousel, and even a small house made out of beautiful stained glass.

After exploring the nearby neighborhood, I knew that I had to do a shoot for the blog in this area…I was so in love! It didn’t take a lot of thought to figure out what I would wear when that day finally arrived. When in Rome do as the Romans…or better yet, when in Brooklyn make your own downtown chic look! ;)

ChrissJoy1.jpg ChrissyJoy2.jpg ChrissyJoy3.jpg ChrissyJoy4.jpg ChrissyJoy5.jpg


Oversize Knit Sweater: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market // Green Pants: H&M // Necklace: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market // Boots: Urban Outfitters // Hat: H&M // Crossbody Bag: Nine West

Special Thanks to Leomary Rodriguez for capturing these images. Make sure to check out more of her work at


Xo, Chrissy Joy

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Chrissy Joy !!


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On November 1st, 2013, Chrissy Joy- Life & Style Blog was launched. It was a blog that took months of preparation along with lots of prayer and trusting God.

My decision to start this blog was not done overnight. It wasn’t because I wanted to show the world my outfits, or to talk about the inspirations. It was a vision that was given to me by God, and was confirmed through friends, family, and even a dream.

I was very doubtful and fearful of starting it at first, and was worried that I would not be able to maintain it, or even worst no one would like it. Then it dawned on me that if God was the one who gave me the vision for this blog, and told me to go forward in starting it, then why would He let if fail?!…He wouldn’t!

As I look at this blog and its past post… I see a tool of inspiration. Not just an outfit inspiration, but a testimony that when you put your fears and worries aside, and place your trust in God, your life will be rewarded in so many ways.

During the past year of blogging I have learned so much. I’ve met and worked with many great people, and I’ve also had many sleepless nights due to being consumed in writing a post. I never knew that I could love doing something so much. I literally feel like this blog is my baby! :) It warms my heart to see it growing, and I know that it will continue to make a mark on the world in the coming years.

Thank you all for following me on this journey! Make sure to fasten your seat belt and hang on tight, because we are kicking it into 4th gear this upcoming year. Let’s go! :)

IMG_7862 BeFunky_IMG_7740.jpg BeFunky_IMG_7795.jpg IMG_7856 BeFunky_IMG_7783a.jpg

Special thanks to a great friend and awesome photographer/videographer, Leomary Rodriguez for these pictures. Go check out her work at

Fur-Neck Sweater: The Limited // Skirt: H&M // Necklace: Charming Charlie’s // Heels: Aldo


Xo, Chrissy Joy

Wheels & Heels


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Hey Lovies!

I am back in New York! :) My North Carolina vacation was so needed, and a overall relaxing and fun time. Although I am back in the city, this week will be the conclusion of my North Carolina shoot that I did with my good friend/photographer, Najah Cobb. For today’s look we made our way to a old-fashioned tire-shop in Greensboro, NC that was being ran by a young boy and his dog! I loved the scenery of this area, it reminded me of a scene from the “Andy Griffith” show with “Opie” and his dog. lol (My dad has always been obsessed with that show, so anytime I am around certain country rustic areas it brings back memories of particular moments from the show). :)

I chose a green jumpsuit as today’s outfit. It went perfectly with the scenery, and was purchased for a steal at H&M (only $20!). Jumpsuits are literally my favorite thing to wear! They are so easy to put on and go, and they also meet my 3C requirement (chic, comfortable, cute). I accessorized the jumpsuit with a gold statement necklace, and finished the look off with booties and pair of tortoise-rimmed aviators. I’d like to think that I represent a new type of worker for this tire shop…one who knows her way around, and is paired with killer heels rather than a dog. :)



Green Jumpsuit: H&M // Necklace: H&M // Booties: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Aldo


Photographer: Najah Cobb (@russian_roulett)


Xo, Chrissy Joy


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