October 12, 2017

Direction (noun): The course that must be taken in order to reach a destination.

Twice a year I sit down and ask myself “Am I going in the direction of my dreams, or am I allowing God to lead me in the direction of HIS?”  I normally ask myself this question at the beginning of the year (while writing out my goals), and during the halfway mark (to make sure that I am still taking the correct course of action.) However, this year I realize that I’ve asked myself this question many times throughout the year. It’s as if I refuse to miss the mark or allow myself to get in the way of HIS moves in my life.

This past Saturday, I was sitting on the train heading to the city to meet up with my girls for our weekly cell group meeting (bible study.) I was preparing for the meeting and looking over past notes and bible scriptures to make sure my lesson was ready. While doing so an older woman sitting next to me noticed that I was reading the bible and tapped me on the shoulder. She apologized and admitted that she had been ease-dropping on my studies but wanted to let me know that she loved seeing young people reading the Bible. She went on to tell me that she had been reading her Bible earlier and that she felt that what she read needed to be shared with me. She began to recite Proverbs 3:5 and said that she felt that I specifically needed to hear that scripture for something that I needed in my life. A few seconds later the train stopped at Marcy Avenue, she told me goodbye and exited the train. It wasn’t until later that day that I would understand why I needed this message and how it would help so many others.

When I arrived in the city to teach my lesson, I had a vision.  It basically showed me that this year so many people (myself included!) are being stretched and taken to higher levels. Through this stretching period God is asking more of us to do things that we normally wouldn’t do. Instead of giving up because we think we are not capable, or that it is too overwhelming, He’s asking us to trust him and that through him it is possible. He doesn’t want us to lean unto our own understanding, but to instead push past our doubts and fears and follow the direction HE is leading in our lives! 🙂


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XO- Chrissy Joy

Child’s Play

October 2, 2017

“Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself like a child is the greatest in the kingdom.” -Matthew 18:3-4 NKJV

Hey Lovies!

For the past two weeks I feel that I have been receiving the same message from God and it’s as if He not only wants me to receive and act on the message, but to share it with others. He has made this clear by continually blasting the words in my mind! What is this message you ask?: “Go back to the basics and re-kindle your fire!”

I have several nieces and nephews…five to be exact. Because their ages varies, it causes the smaller kids to look up to the older kids. Little did I know but doing the opposite (us learning from the smaller kids) is exactly what we all need in order to walk into our promises!

The characteristics of a child are simple: eager & curious, absorbs information like a sponge, mimic the actions of others, naturally inviting & loving (regardless of race or sex), and FEARLESS! As an aunt (or parent) sometimes these characteristics can be a blessing and not so much, but in your relationship with God they are a blessing! If we take these traits and apply them to the way we learn from God and how to love others, we would find ourselves in a deeper relationship with God, and much higher level in our passion.

Having childlike faith or a child’s characteristics is not something that can happen overnight. It takes patience and perseverance! HOWEVER, when your efforts turn into a habit you will be used by God like never before AND doors will open in your life that no man can close! 🙂


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Be the Spark!

August 30, 2017

Spark (noun): A small fiery particle thrown off from a fire; or produced by striking together two hard surfaces such as stone or metal.

It seems as though when I open up my social media, turn on the television, or go to work I hear about the horrible events going on in our world. Racism, hate, and violence are the main issues that are at the forefront of each headline. It’s enough to make me not want to turn on the news, but it also shows me that the needed change that we are praying for can start with us.

Recently at my church (The Rock Church Manhattan), we’ve been talking about the power of the number 12 and how important it is to build a network of people that can help spread the gospel of Jesus. Just as Jesus had 12 disciples that followed him and assisted in spreading the message of Christ through truth, love, with signs following, we duplicate the same thru cell groups that consist of 12 members that come together, build each other up in love, and share the gospel of Christ. Our cell groups are a metaphor for the cells that make up a human body. In forming these groups, we are creating a breeding ground for miracles, signs and wonders to happen not only in our lives, but the lives of those that we connect with and touch. This power (given through God) can be used to change situations, overturn decision that seem unchangeable, and change the situations going on in this world through unity of prayer and action.  

We are all “Rocks” that come together with a purpose and message of love. If two rocks coming together can cause a spark, imagine what will happen if 12 rocks come together? Answer: Start a wildfire of love, signs and wonders that spreads all around the world! 🙂

Do you live in the NYC area? Are you looking for a church to call your home? Come check out the Rock Church Manhattan! ( It is a non-denominational church based on the performing arts and filled with creatives and artist alike! Come join a cell group and be apart of the change that this world needs and desires! 🙂  If you do not live in the NYC (or even the United States), that’s okay! We offer bible studies to people all over the U.S and international via Skype! Email me at for more info !


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XO- Chrissy Joy



August 21, 2017

For the past week and half, I have been waking up at 5am to spend time with God. I did not plan that hour of the morning but I kept waking up early and not able to go back to sleep. It wasn’t until the second day that I asked God “Why can’t I sleep?!”, to which he replied ” I just want to spend time with you during this hour.” It was a bit of a challenge waking up that early in the mornings, but what caught my attention about God’s request was that He specifically asked me to go to my rooftop during my time with him.

I’ve chosen my rooftop as a place to spend time with God in the past and on occasion, I would wake up around 6:15am to watch the sunrise while reading my bible. However, it wasn’t a daily habit, it was only done during the sunrise time, never before and rarely after. On the third morning of waking up at 5am I noticed that it was very dark outside so I told God that I would spend time with him in my room rather than the rooftop. I complained that it was too dark outside and there was no way that I could see to read my Bible.  I also said that it was a little too chilly outside for my liking. Once I went to my room and opened my bible to continue my reading, I turned to 1 Samuel 9:22; within the first four verses I found myself at a lost for words. In the scripture it states that before Saul became king he was asked to go to a higher level with Samuel to have dinner. Once there, Samuel gave Saul a meal that had been specifically set apart for him, it could not be eaten by anyone else and could only be brought out by the cooks once Saul arrived to the table.

It was at that moment I realized why God had asked me to go to the rooftop. It wasn’t so I would be cold or struggle to read my Bible while I was there. It was because He was trying to give me something that couldn’t be given at my current level. I needed to go higher (both spiritually and physically)  in order to receive it.

What breakthrough have you been believing God for? What promise has God given you that you have yet to see come to pass? Many of things that we are praying for have already been set aside specifically for us, God is just asking us to go higher in Him in order to receive it.

In a effort to help you (myself included) go higher in God, I have started the #GOHIGHERCHALLENGE! This challenge is a 21-day mission that starts today, Monday August 21st (sorry for the late notice!) and ends Sunday, September 10th! You are free to join at any time. During this challenge you will wake up at 5am daily (or whatever time during the morning that is a sacrifice to you) and read your bible, pray, and meditate on how to apply what you read to your life. I am providing morning wake up calls at 5am via Instagram Live. We will have a morning prayer and I will give everyone a scripture for the day to study during your time with God (if you need direction on where to start!)! So if you are not currently following me then head to @chrissyjoystyle now! If  you miss the 5am wake-up call at any time during the challenge, I will post the video recording from the call on my Facebook Fan Page: Chrissy Joy Style for you to see and reference at anytime! Feel free to email me anytime during the challenge for questions, encouragements, or suggestions! LETS GO HIGHER TOGETHER ! 🙂


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XO – Chrissy Joy

Attention Seeker

August 7, 2017

Hey Lovies!

In life there are so many ways to show someone that you care about them and even more strategies used to get their attention! It’s amazing the amount of money, time and effort some people will put into looking good, driving a nice car, or having the best of everything in order to be viewed a particular way by someone they find attractive. Lately I’ve been taking a different approach to showing I care and in a more in-depth way.

For the past week I have been studying the things that gets God’s attention. I did this because I realized that a relationship with God is similar to a relationship between a husband and wife! When you’re married (or even in a relationship) you learn the things that makes your spouse happy, and purpose to do those things on a regular basis (happy wife, happy life!) Communication with your mate is important so that you’re aware of the things that upsets one another. You also can come to a mutual understanding of how to overcome many issues.

God does the same thing with us! He wants to make sure that our relationship with him is strong, healthy and on one accord. He accomplishes this by communicating with us when we spend time with him and even throughout our day (when we listen). Often times He gives us an intuitive feeling, followed with a sign of confirmation or a personal conversation when He’s disappointed by something we’ve said or done. We should want our relationship with him to be comparable to a “power couple”. A bond that is in-sync, uplifting, empowering, and most importantly ….unstoppable!

I DARE you to find what you can do to in your own personal life to get God’s attention and grow your relationship with him. It’s safe to say that we all want a “power couple” status somewhere in our lives, so why not start with God! 🙂

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XO- Chrissy