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Hey Lovies!

I am back in New York! :) My North Carolina vacation was so needed, and a overall relaxing and fun time. Although I am back in the city, this week will be the conclusion of my North Carolina shoot that I did with my good friend/photographer, Najah Cobb. For today’s look we made our way to a old-fashioned tire-shop in Greensboro, NC that was being ran by a young boy and his dog! I loved the scenery of this area, it reminded me of a scene from the “Andy Griffith” show with “Opie” and his dog. lol (My dad has always been obsessed with that show, so anytime I am around certain country rustic areas it brings back memories of particular moments from the show). :)

I chose a green jumpsuit as today’s outfit. It went perfectly with the scenery, and was purchased for a steal at H&M (only $20!). Jumpsuits are literally my favorite thing to wear! They are so easy to put on and go, and they also meet my 3C requirement (chic, comfortable, cute). I accessorized the jumpsuit with a gold statement necklace, and finished the look off with booties and pair of tortoise-rimmed aviators. I’d like to think that I represent a new type of worker for this tire shop…one who knows her way around, and is paired with killer heels rather than a dog. :)



Green Jumpsuit: H&M // Necklace: H&M // Booties: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Aldo


Photographer: Najah Cobb (@russian_roulett)


Xo, Chrissy Joy

Risky Business


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Hey Lovies!

Now that the fashion month is finally over and the dust has settled, I decided to take a little time to recover and relax. There is one place I know I can always go to detox and recharge from all of the hustle and bustle of New York. A place that I can walk around barefoot without fear of getting a disease, and lay out in the grass to watch the clouds pass by in peace. That place is my homestate of North Carolina.

I recently came back to North Carolina for a week to spend time with family and to have a little rest & relaxation. A few days after arriving, I met up with my good friend/ photographer Najah Cobb for a shoot. Since our last shoot (Denim Days & Boho Love), I’ve come to realize that shooting with Najah is truly an adventurous and fun time! This time was no different! From climbing the side of a building in heels to literally standing on a hanging wooden platform near the edge of a rooftop to get a great shot. There were no boundaries when we worked together, and a fun adrenaline rush was definitely on the menu!:)

This week’s look was inspired by my love of trench coat dresses. I honestly have never worn a trench coat as a dress, but I remember as a child seeing Fall commercials for TJ Maxx and other department stores on television. It never failed that at least one of the women in the commercial would be wardrobed in a classic khaki trench coat worn as a dress with heels and occasionally a fun scarf. This image has stayed in my head, so every fall I tell myself that I am going to put together a great look that is based around a trench coat dress. Unfortunately I had yet to do so…until today! However, instead of doing the classic khaki trench coat I opted for a green trench to insert some fun color. I added a fun belt, statement necklace and heels with the look to jazz it up a bit and to make it my own :)

We ventured to Greensboro, N.C to shoot.  I loved this small town row of old-fashion vintage shops. Definitely reminded me of the downtown area of my hometown!

I ventured to Greensboro, N.C for the shoot. I loved this small town row of old-fashion vintage shops within the city. It definitely reminded me of the downtown area of my hometown!

Naj: "Want to try something risky, we will get some good shots though!"//. Me: Yes, lets do it! //Naj: *looks at ladder*  You're going to have to climb to the top of the building // Me: Okay! *grabs purse and begins to climb up the ladder* // Naj: DO you want me to hold your heels or something?! // Me: Nope, I'm good! // Naj: Only YOU would climb the side of a building in heels!! *begins to laugh and take a picture! lol :)

Najah: Want to try something risky, we will get some good shots though!// Me: Yes, lets do it! //Najah: *looks at ladder* You’re going to have to climb to the top of the building. // Me: Okay! *grabs purse and begins to climb up the ladder* // Najah: Do you want me to hold your heels or something?! // Me: Nope, I’m good! // Najah: Only YOU would climb the side of a building in heels!! *begins to laugh and take a picture! lol :)

In order to get this shot I had to climb onto a wooden ledge that was literally beside the edge of the building’s rooftop! The platform was a little wobbly and had holes in it, so I had to watch were I stood. But the view of city from this spot was beautiful!



Green Trench Coat: Ann Taylor Loft // Belt: Vintage // Necklace: H&M // Shoes: Aldo


Photographer: Najah Cobb


Stay tuned in for next week’s conclusion of my North Carolina adventure!


Xo, Chrissy Joy

NYFW 2014- Style Rundown (Pt. 2)


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Hey lovies,

It’s time to wrap things up things with season’s “Style Rundown”! Earlier this week, I gave the full rundown on three of my six looks worn during New York Fashion Week. Today I will give the details on the three remaining looks! :)

Let get right into it!

Double DARE

This was actually my look worn on the 1st day of Fashion Week! I found this awesome vintage sequins jacket, and sunglasses the weekend before Fashion Week, and knew that I wanted to create a look with them! I later decided to go for a vintage look with a twist. In order to accomplish this vision I added a super cute black middy skirt with tulle detailing from my good friends boutique (BornMajestic), and my black pointed toe-pumps. I added a fun twist by pairing my D.A.R.E crop top into the mix for a true vintage moment that I could really relate to. I loved D.A.R.E in elementary, and was always excited to get out of class to do the challenge! lol So happy I was able to incorporate this childhood memory into my Fashion Week look! :)

BeFunky_DSC_0688.jpg BeFunky_DSC_0694.jpg BeFunky_DSC_0702.jpg BeFunky_DSC_0715.jpg

Top: Forever 21 // Skirt: BornMajestic // Sequins Jacket: Vintage // Heels: Victoria Secret Online // Sunglasses: Vintage

Photographer: Roberto Johnson of FashionInSpanglish

Sheer Dreams

This look was another one of my favs for Fashion Week! I decided to go for a “vintage glamour” look after I chose this gorgeous dress from Sheena Trivedi’s studio. Because of the high-neckline I decided to wear a top bun, and add a pair of long vintage earrings. I also grabbed my square vintage shades worn on Day 1 because I felt that it would go great with this look as well. I finished the look with my favorite pair of Chanel-inspired booties!

BeFunky_unnamed (4).jpg BeFunky_unnamed (5).jpg

DSC_3751 DSC_3794 DSC_3773

It was so much fun meeting and connecting with street style photographers and other fun people outside of Lincoln Center. It truly is an endless sight of style inspiration out there! Thank you to Silas Vassar of Silas-Vassar for capturing the first two images, and Jordan Elias of ForFashionFreeks for the last three.

Dress: Sheena Trivedi // Bralette: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: H&M // Sunglasses: Vintage // Earrings: Vintage // Booties: Victoria Secret Catalogue

Polka Dots & Piano Keys 

This look was definitely the most fun to wear! My good friend/designer, Chinaza Moses custom-made this adorable flutter skirt for me! I decided to add her one-of-a-kind “Piano-keys” headpiece with the look to insert some fun. I’m a fan of mixing prints, so I wore a polka-dot top to play off the lines in the piano key headpiece, and finished off the look with a pair of open-toe booties. I’d like to think of this as my way of mixing my love of fashion & music :)

unnamed (2) unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed (3)

Loved running into my love, Taylor at the BruceGlen Presentation during Fashion Week! :)

Top: H&M // Flutter Skirt: Custom-made CAdeola Design, Piano Headpiece: CAdeola Design by Chinaza Moses // Open-Toe Booties: Steve Madden

Welp lovies…that’s it for this season’s New York Fashion Week Style Roundup! Which look did you like the best? Let me know your thoughts! Look for the next installment of my NYFW Style Roundup in February! :)

Xo, Chrissy Joy

Mark & Estel Spring/Summer 2015


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Mark Tango and Estel Day are best known as the rockstar designing duo behind the brand “Mark & Estel”. The musical pair launched the USA-made label in 2005 in Los Angeles and is known for their iconic leggings, flowing dresses and signature fashion tees. I first experienced this brand last year during Fashion Week when they debuted their first RTW collection at Lincoln Center. I fell in love with their designs and the fun rock performance by the designers during the finale of the show. I knew then that this brand was one that I needed to keep my eye on!

I was excited to attend the show again this Fall, but more curious to see what designs were going to make their way down the runway. I also wanted to see a fun performance during the finale! :)

Mark & Estel did not disappoint on September 5th, when they delivered their Malibu-inspired collection at Lincoln Center. The models came down the runway in downtown-chic garments in black and white colors with a touch of dusty blue. The looks were completed with teased hair, long fabric bowties and a few brim hats. The best part of it all: All of the garments in the show were made out of re-used jeans, t-shirts and sweatpants! Now that’s what I call Fashion Sustainability! :)

T-shirt dresses, oversized jackets/blazers with padded shoulders, and open-toe booties were mostly seen in the show this season. Each was giving off its own Malibu look, and I was here for them all! LOVE! :)

SS15DLR_NY, Calvin Klein,New York ME1 ME3 ME2 In true Mark & Estel fashion, the duo graced everyone with a rockstar performance of their song “Malibu” during the show finale!

Overall the show was a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed! I could see myself wearing a lot of these deigns, especially the grey maxi dress with the black brim hat and open-toe booties! I look forward to using these items in future styling projects. :)

For more information and to order designs, head over to MarkandEstel.us.com!

Xo, Chrissy Joy

NYFW 2014 – Style Rundown (Pt. 1)


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Hey Lovies!

This season’s Fashion Week has been amazing for me! I was able to attend multiple shows and presentations that I loved, and had lots of memorable style moments.  If you’ve been following me on social media, then you were able to get a sneak peek at the looks. If not…no worries, because today is your day to get the full rundown on some of the looks! I have split all six days of looks into two posts, and today is the first three looks in no particular order.

Let’s get into each look and it’s inspiration! :)

 “The Green Machine” 

This neon green suit was a step out of my comfort zone. It was actually suggested to me by the designer’s (Sheena Trivedi) assistant while at her studio picking out looks for Fashion Week. I couldn’t help but give it an “ummmm” look when he showed it to me, but I am a visual person, so I have to see things on to get the full affect. Once on, I was immediately in love! I thought of going for a “tomboy chic” look, but in the “Chrissy Joy” way! :) In order to pull this off I added a faux leather bustier, a statement choker, and strappy heels to complete the look!

photo 5 (2) photo 3 (3) photo 1 (3)

I started off this look at church before changing later, I opted for a black tank to keep the look church appropriate. I also snapped a pick with my suit twin Olivia! She is the designer of "LIV", one of the bloggers of "The BreakDown" and the host/creator of "LIVTV". Keep your eye out for her lovies! :)

I started this look at church before changing later. I opted for a black tank to keep the look church appropriate. I also snapped a pick with my suit twin Olivia! She is the designer of “LIV”, one of the bloggers of “The BreakDown” and the host/creator of “LIVTV”. Keep your eye out for her lovies! :)


Green Suit: Sheena Trivedi// Bustier: H&M // Necklace: Zara // Heels: Aldo


The Accident Gone Right 

This look was honestly a rushed outfit that went right! The deep-V top is actually a jumpsuit that I wore last year for my birthday! The morning that I wore this look was a crazy. I had completely forgotten that I had a show to attend that morning.  I put on the jumpsuit, but realized later that I wanted to pair it with something else.  I literally found this snakeprint skirt on my bed while scrambling around the room and threw it on.  I paired it with my bright heels to add a pop of color, and finished the look with a headpiece I made earlier this year to add a bit of drama. I said a quick prayer as I ran out of my apartment hoping that I didn’t look a mess! Later, I caught a glimpse of myself in a storefront window and realized that I liked it!

DSCN2016 DSCN2013 DSCN2019 DSCN2021


Deep-V Romper: Necessary Clothing // Snakeprint Skirt: H&M // Drop Earrings: Vintage // Heels: Zara


Chrissy Joy Favs

This look was definitely one of my favorites out of all of my Fashion Week looks! It was inspired by all of the things that I love…which are sequins, leopard, gold and hot pink! I added a fun pair of vintage shades and a brim hat to bring everything together :)

photo 5 (2) photo 4 (3)

Thanks to the lovely ladies at the Pandora booth in Lincoln Center for giving me this beautiful Metallic Tatoo! :)

Thank you to the lovely ladies at the Pandora booth in Lincoln Center for giving me this beautiful Metallic Tatoo! :)

I was later snapped by the beautiful Al of WardrobeBreakdown. Make sure to check out her blog! :)

I was later snapped by the beautiful Al of WardrobeBreakdown while running to a show. Make sure to check out her blog! :)


Sequins Top: Vintage // Pink Pants: H&M // Brim Hat: Zara // Tan Sunglasses: Vintage // Leopard Heels: Victoria Secret Online // Black & Gold Belt: Vintage


Stay tuned for Part 2 of my NYFW looks coming soon!


Xo, Chrissy Joy

Helen Yarmak Spring/Summer 2015


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On September 8, 2014, Helen Yarmak presented her Spring/Summer 2015 collection entitled “Spirit of Freedom”. It was held at her terrace penthouse showroom located inside of the Crown Building of NYC.


The penthouse was a picturesque scene with champagne being served, photographers snapping pics of guest, and models posing and later walking in gowns and luxurious mink coats. I literally felt like I was in a cocktail party scene of “Sex & the City”!

The models were clothed in designs by Edward Roth, topped off with Yarmak’s amazing furs and completed with shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. This collection was inspired by “the luxurious women’s appreciation and longing for freedom” which included lamb, mink, fox and sheared weasel. I was so enamored with the detailing of the fur which included patterns of soaring birds and window panes along with the array of colored jackets & shawls in pink, red, black and white.


Helen even added a few fab pieces into the collection for younger girls who want to make a statement or have a mommy-and me moment! :) I’ve noticed many designers added these types of pieces in their SS/15 collection this season, and I love the concept. Very clever and cute!


Loved Edward Roth’s dresses. They complemented and completed the fur coat looks beautifully!


Overall, the Helem Yarmak presentation was definitely a collection that caught my attention because of the styling, details and beauty of each look. I look forward to pulling some of these pieces for future styling projects and secretly imagining myself rocking this fur daily in my everyday life :)


Xo, Chrissy Joy

Tadashi Shoji Spring/Summer 2015


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Tadashi Shoji debuted his Spring/Summer 2015 collection on September 4, 2014 at Lincoln Center.The collection was inspired by a Golden Palace located in Ca’d’Ora, Venice. The reflection of the palace on the water bought his designs to life.

This vision was clearly seen in Tadashi’s models as they sashayed down the runway in whimsical lace and chiffon gowns, detailed with mesh inserts and bell-sleeves. My eyes were literally glued with amazement of all the patterns, prints and detailing of each design. From the long white accordion skirts, to baby blue lace dresses, and a black lace crop top…my heart was given an extra beat with each look! I especially loved Shoji’s modern day re-make of the classic trench coat.  He opted out of khaki, and went for white lace instead (YESSS!!)

_LKV5817LaceLACE 2


My view of the Final Walk! :) unnamed

This collection was definitely the most captivating, and one that I predict will be seen on a few celebrities during the award show season. It can truly be summed up in one word: STUNNING! I commend Tadashi on a job well done! :)


Xo, Chrissy Joy

P.S: **I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE RUNWAY IMAGES!!** Last photo is mine though :)

BruceGlen Spring/Summer 2015- NYFW


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Of all of the shows and presentations that I went to this Fashion Week, I was the most excited and anxious to see the BruceGlen SS15 Presentation! This collection was near and dear to my heart because it was designed by my twin pastors, Bruce and Glen Procter. These amazing men are the pastors of The Rock Church-Manhattan and the RTW and Accessory designing duo of BruceGlen. Known for their famous leather slapstick bracelet and unique accessories, these designers decided to branch out into Ready to Wear for this season’s Fashion Week.

They debuted their collection by taking all of their show attendees on a “Joyride” into a atmospheric carnival wonderland complete with cotton candy, popcorn and a chocolate waterfall! (Im such a foodie, so you know that I was in heaven!)

venue BG

The models cat-walked down a staircase and around the room in draped garments detailed with cutouts, swarovski crystals, color-blocked fabrics and metallics. The Indian inspired collection gave off a literal and spiritual light throughout the room from its glowing fabrics and words of faith coming from their graphic tee. It read “O’ death where is your sting?”, a powerful lyric from the song “Forever” by Kari Jobe. The models completed their looks with metallic mules adorned with beautiful swarovski crystals which were apart of a collaboration that BruceGlen did with Nina Shoes. Overall, the entire night was truly a Joyride full of fun moments and vibrant designs! I am beyond proud of Bruce and Glen on a job well done! From the details of the garments and shoes to the atmospheric touches of the venue, the entire evening was executed wonderfully!

Mule-purse BG

photo 5 forever tee photo 4 shoes bg IMG_4004-1

Love! Definitely a “Joyride” that I would love to take again! Looking forward to many more collections from this dynamic duo! :)


Xo, Chrissy Joy

Sheena Trivedi Spring/Summer 2015 – NYFW


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Hey Lovies!

Fashion Week is overrr!! I hope that you all have been following the journey with me on Instagram and Twitter to get a sneak peak at the collections and my looks for each day. Now that the madness is over its time to share my reviews on a few of my favorite collections that I have viewed during the week. They will be strolling in so stay tuned to read each review!

First up is my love, Sheena Trivedi! Many of you may be familiar with my review that I wrote on her F/W14 collection back in February (here), and our past collaboration that we have done together (here and here). I am so proud of her journey, and in love with her Spring/Summer ’15 collection that she showcased on Sunday, September 7th at Studio 450 in NYC.


Sheena’s collection entitled “Lovers of Today” was inspired by the concept of love and it’s impact on the creative process. This was shown through her futuristic looks that were styled to reflect this vision. From lightning strike details to softer sheer shapes, the extremes of falling in love were show in every design.Trivedi made sure to stay true to her Indian heritage through the use of Eastern fabrics and detailing, but added a bit of New York’s avant-garde style through western silhouettes that included feather detailing, and accessorized with snakeskin heels and thigh-high boots (that I am obsessed with!). The main colors seen in this collection were green, blue and white. A few all-black looks were also seen in both men and womenswear (because you can’t be a true New Yorker without your staple year-round black pieces!). Overall, I loved all of the looks in this collection, like literally all of them! :) It was such an amazing moment to sit front row, and watch all of the beautiful pieces come down the runway with a huge smile on my face. I am so proud of Sheena and this collection. I know that this brand will continue to evolve and grow with each season.

Take a look at a few of my favorite looks below!

White-Sheena Green- Sheena Blue- Sheena

Both Casual and Dapper Looks were offered in menswear. Love! :)

menblk-sheena menblue-sheena


The lovely Sheena taking her final walk!


Sheena and I after the show! I am rocking a green suit from her past collection. Stay tuned for more pictures and information about this look in my upcoming style diary post! :)


Can’t wait until February to see the next collection! I know that it will be just as awesome as this one! :) For more information and to view all of Sheena Trivedi’s collections, head over to SheenaTrivedi.com.


Xo, Chrissy Joy


Goodbye Summer, Hellooo Fashion Week


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Hey lovies!

The summer is officially over! Which means that New York Fashion Week is about to begin! Catwalks, Street Style and endless Trend Reports are just on the horizon and I will make sure to be there to catch as much as I can! :) But before all of the madness begins I had to squeeze in one more summer style post, just for the sake of me not wanting the season to end! Lol

There wasn’t an inspiration or story behind today’s look, I am just obsessed with this Tory Burch crochet flower sweatshirt of mine and I wanted to find a reason to wear! hehe I also decided to shoot today’s look at good ‘ole Lincoln Center to get into the Fashion Week spirit! :) Make sure to follow all of my Fashion Week looks and updates on Instagram and Twitter.

Take a gander at the full look below!

20140902-003732-2252538 20140902-003800-2280400 20140902-003912-2352025 20140902-003940-2380850 20140902-003957-2397696


Flower Sweatshirt: Tory Burch // Shorts: Michael Kors // Cut-Out Wedges: Marshall’s // Sunglasses: Aldo

Photographer: Jordan Elias of ForFashionFreeks.com

Xo, Chrissy Joy



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