Love is the Answer 

June 13, 2016

Isn’t love a beautiful thing?! It has the power to bring people happiness, comfort and peace. It looks past the mistakes and shortcomings in others and continues to see the beauty of someone’s heart without judgement. Within the past week I’ve become obsessed with the concept of love and searched for new ways to spread and display it! When I first started my study of ways to show more love, I thought that it would be fun and exciting! Within two days I quickly realized that spreading love isn’t just something that involves unicorns and rainbows, it truly takes hard work and determination.

 Have you ever had a co-worker that always seemed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and was determined to make EVERYONE in the office aware of it?! Or, what about when you turn on the news and hear that yet another senseless hate crime/murder has occurred and was caused by someone with hate in their heart towards a certain race/gender/class of people. These are prime opportunities to spread love, although it seems like in those moments it is the last thing that we want to do.

 Love is an act of selflessness. It involves pushing the wants of your mind aside to serve a bigger purpose that you may not even understand at the moment. You must trust that when you give your gift of love to others a shift in the atmosphere will occur and cause a change, even if you aren’t around to witness it. In those moments, we are planting seeds of hope that may fully bloom in one week or 10 years. Dr. Martin Luther King is a perfect example. He believed that through love all races would one day come together and live in a world that doesn’t judge people based on the color of their skin. He planted a seed in faith, but didn’t live to see it make its full bloom. Although we’re not there yet, the seed has been planted and is blooming.

 Today I challenge you to push your current state of thinking aside. It may be hard for you to do, but take all of the anger that you have inside of you and dispose of it on your way out the door. Make today the day that you go the extra mile to show love to everyone, regardless of whether you feel that they deserve it or not. In doing so, you are making a change in the world. Even if you don’t live to see the rose that will come from it, make a beautiful bouquet for the lives of those coming after you! 🙂 

Dress : Tory Burch // Sunglasses: Tory Burch // Shoes : Aldo // Necklace : Aldo Accessories

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Photographer : Alex Reynolds (IG: @thegeniuneminimalist)


XoXo – Chrissy Joy

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