April 25, 2017

Hey Lovies,

Lately I have been rediscovering the power of VISION and how its effects are so much greater than its input. Recently I was chatting with my pastors and they told me a story about a case study that they heard about. In the study there were a group of men that were split into two groups of two. The first group practiced basketball by shooting free-throw shots at the baseline by continually shooting basketballs at the net over and over. The second group of players sat in a room and practiced basketball by visualizing themselves shooting the free throw shots into the basket over and over in their mind. In the end, when placed next to each other, both groups of men performed at the same skill level (even though one had the physical upper-hand on the other.)

After hearing this story, the wheels in my mind started to turn. Later that evening while at home I started to break down the scenario in my mind to see if I could unravel a deeper understanding. I realized that so many times we disqualify ourselves from following through on our vision because we think that we are not skilled enough. We may not have the years of experience, finances, or social connections to get to where we want; and we may think that there is no way that our desires can be accomplished (or that it will take too long to accomplish.) BUT, if you truly think about it, God is the one who places the vision inside of us and His only “requirement for eligibility” is to follow his directions on where He is leading us. He literally spearheads your vision and tells you exactly what to do. You only have to focus on Him and listen to the clearly defined (and at times uncomfortable) instructions and GOOO!! The benefit of doing so brings about a reward of happiness, accomplishment, and blessings that man can not understand (because they are so huge!)

Focus your vision on Christ. Listen to His directions & GO!!! πŸ™‚


Dress: Shirley & Alice Vintage || Heels: Forever 21


Photographer: @TrustMyEye (IG)


Xo- Chrissy Joy

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