SS17 Fashion Week Style Diary: Part 2 


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Hey Lovies! 

We have finally come to the end of our Fashion Week journey! There have been lots of laughs, memorable connections, and lots of gratitude to God for being able to attend another successful season! :) 

Before I bid adieu I have to show you the remainder of my looks from the week! I was super chill for the first portion of the week, which most of these looks are from. My main goal was to be comfortable yet chic! 

Take a look below at the remainder of my looks and let me know which is your fave! :) 

“From the Gym to the Front Row” 

Cap: Yankees Gear | Sports Bra: Adidas Women | Leather Skirt: Zara | Belt : Vintage | Shoes : Converse 

Photographer : Alexandra Reynolds 

“Lace + Sweatpants” 

Lace Top : H&M | Sweatpants : H&M | Bandana : Urban Outfitters | Heels : Aldo 

“Got my Hot Pants on Tonight!” 

Crop Stripe Top: H&M | Blue Jumpsuit : Y&R Boutique | Heels : Aldo | Necklace : Zara

Until next season! :) 

Xo- Chrissy Joy 

SS17 Fashion Week Style Diary : Part 1 


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Hey Lovies!

As much as I loved the fashion during NYFW, I loved even more being able to meet and connect with my followers!🙂 During my week of shows, I was able to chat with many of the people who have been supporting my blog and got to know them better! It was fun and refreshing to experience this during a hectic week, but most importantly it showed me the lives that God has allowed me to reach by using my platform for Him. It was definitely something that I will always treasure!🙂

Throughout NYFW, I decided to put together my daily outfits from existing items from my closet, rather than buying new things for the occasion. It saved me a lot of time, money, and helped me to find new ways to be creative with my styling! Below are the first three looks in no particular order.

Let me know your thoughts on each look and which is your favorite!

Sequin Ambitions 

Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style

Top : Vintage | Jeans : Express | Boots: Zara | Scarf: Crossroads Trading | Sunglasses : Sunglass Spot

Photographer: Amber Griggs


Wrap It Up! 

Chrissy Joy StyleChrissy Joy StyleChrissy Joy Style

Jacket : Vintage | Sleeveless Button Up: H&M | Long Sleeve Button Up: H&M | Necklace : Aldo | Boots : Zara | Sunglasses : Crossroads Trading

Photographer : Amber Griggs


Color The World! 

Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style

Dress : Vintage | Button-Up: H&M | Bustier : H&M | Sunglasses : Sunglass Spot | Choker : Forever 21 | Heels: Zara

Photographer : Silas Vassar

Stay tuned in for Part 2 of my Style Diary coming later this week! :) 

Xo- Chrissy Joy

Anniesa Hasibuan SS17 Collection


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As the first Indonesian fashion designer to present at NYFW, I think it is safe to say that Anniesa Hasibuan came, presented and conquered with her SS17 collection this season! To tell you the truth, I never heard of Anniesa nor her clothing line before attending her show this week, but since leaving the show she has been the one designer that I can’t stop talking about!  

Anniesa’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection was entitled “Jankara” and was inspired by the people from her hometown. “The people of Jankara have a unique style because they come from many different indigenous tribes and foreign backgrounds” says Hasibuan. From metallic fabrics to intricate beadwork and expert layering, each chic outfit was paired with a hijab to complete the look.

 I have attended many shows at NYFW, but none have evoked the emotion and spirit that came with watching this show. I literally had goosebumps while watching models come down the runway. It was like watching a beautiful story being told to me about a women’s life through clothing. I literally had no choice but to stand with the rest of the crowd and give Anniesa a standing ovation during her final walk down the runway. At one point during her walk, I briefly locked eyes with her from the front row and she gave a small bow as a sign of “thank you”, and I returned the gesture with a large smile. It was my way of saying “thank you” not only for an amazing fashion show with beautiful designs, but for also breaking the norm of NYFW standard fashion and telling me your beautiful story in the process. :) 

 See my favorites from the collection below! 

Thank so much to The Rivière Agency for having me! 

Xo- Chrissy Joy

Michelle Helene SS17 Collection 


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Michelle Helene was one of the first presentations that kicked off my SS17 Fashion Week experience, and lets just say it left me in a groovy mood! :) 

From bell bottoms and afros, to platforms and banana button-ups, this casual-chic collection definitely placed me in a stylish scene from “That 70’s Show”. Michelle was inspired by the clothing and political message from the 70’s and decided to combine flirty and feminine with sporty elements throughout the collection. She also added touches of hand-woven details in her tunics. 

What I loved most about this collection was the diversity of models used to interpret the designers vision. It was cool to see an Asian model with an Afro, and a mixed race model donning a disco look complete with a head wrap. I also loved the modern styling and details in each look. I felt as if each look could easily be worn from the presentation into NYC streets….by me! :) 

Overall, the Michelle Helene SS17 collection started my Fashion Week experience off on a psychedelic platform foot that I loved! 

Take a look at my favorites from the collection below! 


My favorite look from the collection :) 

Special thanks to EB Consults for having me! 

Xo – Chrissy Joy