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November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope that your day has been filled with loving moments with family and friends as well as lots of overeating and plates taken to go to take care of your meals for the remainder of the week….and maybe even all of next week.

My day has been full of miracles, laughter and love! Unfortunately, I was not able to go back home to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my family due to work. But my good friend, Lexi came to the rescue and invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her family in Upstate New York instead! They welcomed me into their home with open arms and even trusted me to cook a dish to contribute to the Thanksgiving Day meal! (My own family would never let me near a stove on Thanksgiving Day, I don’t quite have a clean track record with cooking edible meals). I knew this was my big moment to prove everyone wrong and to knock it out of the park with my cooking. Not only for myself, but for the health of these sweet people who have invited me into their home!

I placed all of my fears to the side, and went for it! The outcome, a miracle that is worth a Oprah Interview! Not only did I accomplish making Sweet Potato Casserole, I made a Cornbread Stuffing!! *que the slow clap that turns into roar of applause* 🙂 Now I can officially say that I can not only style an outfit, I can also make a mouthwatering dish that is worthy of an appearance on any Thanksgiving Day table!

Take a look at all of the contributions I made to Thanksgiving Day with the Berrocal’s!


The infamous Sweet Potato Casserole. Look at the gooey goodness! It may put you into a diabetic coma but whatevs! It was sooo good!


Cornbread Casserole! (included: chicken sausage, onions & sage). Tasted quite splendid, if I say so myself! 🙂


Also apart of my contribution.


Yep, I sliced this baby to perfection! *blows on fingers, wipes on shoulder*


Thanksgiving Day Turkey! I definitely didn’t make this, but it was delish!


Some of the Thanksgiving Day spread.


Happy Camper!


Lexi and I with our famous dishes! She made amazing cornbread muffins from scratch!


My Thanksgiving Day Attire. I made sure to choose a loose shirt that would support the excessive eating that I would partake in.


Top: Michael Kors / Leggings : H&M / Leopard Scarf : Target / Rain Boots: DSW

I am so thankful for an amazing Thanksgiving Day and for all of your support in following my blog! Love you all! Have a great Thanksgiving Day!

Xoxo ~ Chrissy Joy

Weekend Rundown

November 25, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was amazing, and full of epic stylish moments that are worth dishing to your workplace colleagues today!

I definitely had a good weekend. It was both fun and productive, which is always my goal for the weekend. I dedicated my Friday evening to spending time with two of my good friends Lexi and Rashad (of, check it out!) at EVR NYC. It was a night of stylish outfits, catching up, and sharing laughs. I always love to dedicate time out of the week to catching up with good friends. It helps me stay sane during crazy work weeks, and when I need an accomplice for doing random crazy adventures around the city. 🙂

Saturday was my designated productive day. I spent it preparing for an upcoming editorial shoot that I’m styling, as well as cleaning up my unrecognizable apartment (yep, my room looked like the aftermath of a war site).

Sunday was AMAZING! I spent the morning at my church, The Rock Church – Manhattan (if you’re in the NYC area, come check it out on Sundays at 11am!), which was a great service. After church, I decided to go check out the movie Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire at a theater nearby. Now, can we puhh-lease talk about how good that movie was. AMAZEBALLS!! I’m such a “Hunger Games” freak, so my anticipation for seeing that movie was on another level!

Welp, that was my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours? If you have an Instagram(@Chrissy_Joy), Facebook (ChrissyJoyStyle) or Twitter(@chrissyjoyy), connect with me and show me your stylish weekend moments! I’m so excited to see all of your fab outfits, and find out the juicy details of your look!

Take a gander at my look from Friday along with some other fun moments! 🙂 

DSC03961 DSC03957 DSC03958 DSC03978 DSC03980

Jumpsuit: Y & R Boutique in Brooklyn / Shoes: Dolce Vita / Clutch: Find in my mom’s closet (origin unknown) / Necklace: Charming Charlie / Watch: Michael Kors

Have a great week!

Xoxo ~ Chrissy Joy

Friday Night Feevah!

November 22, 2013

The weekend is officially here! Grab your girls, a pair of great heels and take the town by storm! The weekend is the one time of the week that has the power to make a woman who usually lives in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers during the week, pull out that dress that may be hiding in the back of the closet, dust off those weekend designated heels, and head out to go cut a rug!

Although I tend to dress up more during the weekdays than dressing down, I find that I like to add a little more edge to my look on the weekends. Whether it’s with a leather bustier and a fun blazer, or a jumpsuit with killer heels, I find that my weekend looks always have a classic style with an edgy or fun twist.

This Friday Night outfit is a great after-work “Girls Night Out” look. I took my Micky Mouse cropped sweatshirt and built my outfit around it by adding a classic black pencil skirt with ridged detailing, a faux leather vest over my shoulders, and pointed-toe leopard heels for a fun punch! This outfit can be worn at the office by replacing the cropped sweatshirt with a white button down shirt tucked into the skirt, and replacing the hoop earrings with a classic diamond stud. Just throw your sweatshirt in your purse for a quick wardrobe change after work and go!

Cheers to the weekend!!

DSC_0172 DSC_0179 DSC_0183 DSC_0257 DSC_0235 DSC_0279 DSC_0215

Cropped Sweatshirt: Forever 21 / Pencil Skirt: TJ Maxx / Faux Leather Vest: Express / Leopard Pumps: Nine West / Necklace: Charming Charlie / Hoops: H&M / Watch: Micheal Kors

Photographer : Jordan Elias

Xoxo ~ Chrissy Joy

Details, Details, Details

November 19, 2013

When walking down the streets of New York City it is inevitable that something will catch one’s eye. From street performers, paintings on the side of buildings and “The Human Tin Man”, there is always something for your eyes to take in. Although some may argue that the NYC skyline is enough to make a person stand in awe, I would have to raise my hand to object. There is only one sight that has the ability to excite, inspire and get the creative juices flowing inside of me. That, my friends is the fashion show that tears up the streets of this amazing city with the models being ordinary people from different walks of life.

This weekend I took a stroll through Soho to do a little style watching to see which of the models of the Soho Fashion Show would catch my eye. Just as expected, they did not disappoint in bringing it in the style department. What was unexpected was that my eyes were focused on the details of each persons outfit rather than the entire outfit itself. From metallic oxfords to red top hats, they were all like diamonds reflecting in the sun, and it drew me in like a kid reaching for candy!

Lets get into this week’s style eye candy to see who’s outfit details are Chrissy Joy approved!

photo 1

Kate Erickson’s silver metallic loafers paired with her crisp white flowy trousers stopped me in my tracks. Although I am all about gold when it come to metallic but this pairing was perfect and definitely put to rest every “no white after labor day” myth. Yes!!

photo 2

Alessandra Santiago from Brazil nailed it with the details of her leather + fur outfit by finishing off her look with layered rings, a black and gold timepiece and a gorgeous bright red Hermes crossbody bag. I love the mixing of the metals!

photo 1 (2)

Everything about Kevin Kedroe’s look is spot on! As if the pairing of his denim shirt, light khaki pants, and brown double-breasted jacket wasn’t enough. He added in a playful element with his fringed infinity scarf, but still kept it dapper with the popping of his collar. This a perfect example of an elevated menswear casual look. *Thumbs up!*

photo 3

Suzanne’s boots caught my eye from a mile away ( I love a good black and gold bootie!). But as I got closer to the laced up shoegasm and took in the details, im almost positive that my heart skipped a beat. From the zipper detailing along the front and back, to the cute top buckle, I knew that “Chrissy Joy” was written all over those booties. I also like that she paired them with leggings and knee-high studded socks to stay true to her edgy style.

photo 2 (2)

Jet’s cute little red brim hat in particular caught my eye. I have heard the phrase “Uggh, I love that hat, but I could never rock a cute hat like that because I have short natural hair” come out of the mouth’s of a few of my girlfriends recently when referring to ladies with longer hair wearing stylish hats. Well Jet, my friends, has put this lie to rest with her cute peppered blonde curls tucked underneath this red brim hat. What caught my eye the most about this detailing, is the fact that she was wearing a layered androgynous outfit (baggy pants included), but still kept it lady-like with her details including her red brim hat, pearl stud earrings, and classic red lip (which we all know I love 🙂 ).

photo 3 (2)

French fashion photographer, Julien Boudet of Bleu Mode was actually in the middle of a photo shoot when his killer lace up sandals stopped me in my tracks. From the tennis shoe lace up detailing, mixed with the cross buckle in high top form. It definitely gave me gladiator sandals meets high top sneakers. He finished this look with a pair of black socks and black harem pants, very urban-hipster. Love it!

Well folks, that’s it for this weeks round up of “Chrissy Joy Approved” street style. Stay tuned in to see who catches my eye next, will it be you??

Xoxo ~ Chrissy Joy

“The Sequins Series” : Part 2

November 15, 2013

The sequin magic continues! As you all probably gathered from my recent rant, I basically feel the world would be a better place if every women added a dash of sequins into their daily lives. In Part 1 of the Series, I put together a business look using my favorite combo, sequins and plaid.

For the final segment of the series I went for a casual way to incorporate sequins into your everyday lives. There was no better way for me to display this look than by using one of my favorite go-to casual style , “Safari Chic”. I’d like to think Michael Kors is the reason to blame for my love for everything Safari Chic! I used to work for the company back in 2010 for about a year and a half. During that time I began to watch as my closet slowly transform from business chic (from when I worked at Kenneth Cole beforehand) to animal prints, chic cargo pants and zip up khaki dresses with multiple pockets. It was a change that I gladly welcomed and embraced into my wardrobe! I now find myself mostly wearing animal prints (majority leopard), safari green pants, and khaki/brown jackets and tops.

For this look I paired the sequins top with my elbow-length parka, greens pants, ivory single strap heels and brim hat for an outfit that is ready to take on the sequin jungle!…and your everyday life. *Que the Tarzan howl* 🙂

DSC_0671 DSC_0688DSC_0694DSC_0725DSC_0695DSC_0713DSC_0752

Sequins Top: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market / Green Pants: Forever 21 / Elbow- Length Parka: Ann Taylor Loft / Single Strap Heels: Crossroads Thrift Store / Brim Hat: Zara / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelet: Vintage 


Xoxo ~ Chrissy Joy