Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope that your day has been filled with loving moments with family and friends as well as lots of overeating and plates taken to go to take care of your meals for the remainder of the week….and maybe even all of next week.

My day has been full of miracles, laughter and love! Unfortunately, I was not able to go back home to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my family due to work. But my good friend, Lexi came to the rescue and invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her family in Upstate New York instead! They welcomed me into their home with open arms and even trusted me to cook a dish to contribute to the Thanksgiving Day meal! (My own family would never let me near a stove on Thanksgiving Day, I don’t quite have a clean track record with cooking edible meals). I knew this was my big moment to prove everyone wrong and to knock it out of the park with my cooking. Not only for myself, but for the health of these sweet people who have invited me into their home!

I placed all of my fears to the side, and went for it! The outcome, a miracle that is worth a Oprah Interview! Not only did I accomplish making Sweet Potato Casserole, I made a Cornbread Stuffing!! *que the slow clap that turns into roar of applause* 🙂 Now I can officially say that I can not only style an outfit, I can also make a mouthwatering dish that is worthy of an appearance on any Thanksgiving Day table!

Take a look at all of the contributions I made to Thanksgiving Day with the Berrocal’s!


The infamous Sweet Potato Casserole. Look at the gooey goodness! It may put you into a diabetic coma but whatevs! It was sooo good!


Cornbread Casserole! (included: chicken sausage, onions & sage). Tasted quite splendid, if I say so myself! 🙂


Also apart of my contribution.


Yep, I sliced this baby to perfection! *blows on fingers, wipes on shoulder*


Thanksgiving Day Turkey! I definitely didn’t make this, but it was delish!


Some of the Thanksgiving Day spread.


Happy Camper!


Lexi and I with our famous dishes! She made amazing cornbread muffins from scratch!


My Thanksgiving Day Attire. I made sure to choose a loose shirt that would support the excessive eating that I would partake in.


Top: Michael Kors / Leggings : H&M / Leopard Scarf : Target / Rain Boots: DSW

I am so thankful for an amazing Thanksgiving Day and for all of your support in following my blog! Love you all! Have a great Thanksgiving Day!

Xoxo ~ Chrissy Joy

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