Weekend Rundown/ Stylist Business

December 9, 2013

Hey ya’ll!

It’s Monday again. I hope that you all had great weekends that were full of stylish outfits! My weekend started off stressful, but ended being one of my best weekends! Lets get into the rundown:

On Friday, I spent the entire day doing clothing pick-ups from designers, and prepping for an editorial shoot that I was scheduled to style on Saturday. Of all days for it to rain, it decided to pour down on that day that I had to lug garment bags, and accessories. To make the day even more stressful, I wasn’t completely happy with one of the looks that I pulled, and it seemed that everything that could go wrong for a Β wardrobe stylist the day before a shoot went wrong! I had a moment on Friday night that I became so frustrated that I called my mom and vented about my day, and uncertainties that I had about my upcoming shoot. Just like any other time my mom came to the rescue with her words of wisdom. She told me to stop everything that I was doing at that moment, go get my bible, find my favorite scripture that I knew would calm me down, and to rest in God and trust that he would work everything out for me and my upcoming shoot. At that very moment I hung up the phone, ran and got my bible and did just that. I instantly felt better! I decided at that moment that I was gonna give it all to God, and allow him to bring everything together.

Now, let me tell you about the miracle that happened on Saturday! When I say that my shoot went great… I mean it was AMAZEBALLS! Everything that I was worried about the night before all somehow worked out in random ways the day of! I spent 5 hours in 30 degree weather, and styled 5 looks for our editorial shoot in Central Park. (Behind the scenes pictures below). Big thanks to the Photographer: Meghan Garvan, MUA: Malika B, Hair:Katelyn McGinn, & Model from ADAM: Olga (who was absolutely amazing & braved it out in arctic weather that we worked in)

On Sunday, I spent the morning at my amazing church, The Rock Church Manhattan (43rd and 8th Avenue, Sundays at 11am). After church, I spent time with a few of friends from church for an afternoon of foolery and fun! πŸ™‚ We later went to our Rock Church location in Queens for the annual “Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony”. We sang Christmas carols, Β ate desserts and drank hot chocolate, and had LOTS of laughter and dancing! It was a great ending to a weekend that started off bad.

I’d like to think that God taught me a lesson this weekend, when I stop worrying about the situations that happen around me and just put my TOTAL trust in him, he can turn things around in my life instantly! ( & in a unbelievable way) πŸ™‚

Take a gander at my weekend in a nutshell:

DSCN0791 DSCN0813 DSCN0825 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


photo 1 (1)

The Story behind this EPIC train ride requires a whole new blog post! Fun time on the train with my loves! πŸ™‚


Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at The Rock Church-Queens!

photo 3 (1)

Red Velvet Cupcake & Hot Chocolate! Nom Nom Nommmmm!

photo 4 (1)

Can you tell that we have a love for fur??… And mini photo shoots πŸ™‚

photo 5 (1)

We can never stay serious for too long during our mini photo shoots! Lol ( Picture: Me trying to pose fab, and everyone else laughing at my failed attempt)

Jacket: Forever 21 // Fur Vest: Steve Madden Girl // Pants: Forever 21 // Top: H&M // Heels: Steve Madden // Necklaces: Charming Charlies & H&M // Hoop Earrings: H&M

Have A Great Week!

Xoxo~ Chrissy Joy

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