Chrissy Joy’s 10 Holiday Must- Have’s

December 14, 2013

Holiday Time is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier because this is my favorite time of the year! Christmas songs blasting, gift giving, and holiday parties full of Christmas cheer put me in a festive mood.

Although the holiday time may be all grits and gravy for me, I understand that it can be stressful to some when it comes to finding the perfect gift, and figuring out what to wear during this jolly yet artic time of the year.

In order to aid in solving this situation, I have chosen a few of my favorite things along with my Christmas wish list items to give you a little inspiration. From clothing to shoes and even beauty products are all included in this list. I hope that you find a few gift-giving ideas for your loved ones, or even a holiday party outfit idea for you.

Lets get into the list!

10. Statement Necklace: These statement necklaces are my fav! They are a perfect idea for someone looking for a gift for their sister or best friend. BaubleBar is a great place to go for affordable statement necklaces to add pizzaz to your outfits.  Love!

sunflower burst pendant baublebar

Sunflower Burst Pendant Necklace $36 ( )

BaubleBar Mademoiselle Necklace

Mademoiselle Necklace $42 (

9. Dresses: Dresses are my go-to style for any and everything. I love finding plain dresses that I can use as a canvas to dress up with accessories, such as this lace dress that I adore. I also love a good sequins dress for the holiday time. This piping hot Nasty Gal dress has my name ALL over it! Both are possible options for a holiday party.

Lace dress $119 (

Lace dress $119 ( I would definitely style this baby with a statement necklace, arm candy, single-sole pumps, stud earrings & updo hairstyle.

Dress the Population "Lola" Dress. (

Dress the Population “Lola” Dress $128. ( We all know how much I appreciate sequins….no explanation needed 🙂

8. Jumpsuits: Can we puhh-lease talk about my complete adoration for jumpsuits! I love the way that they look on my frame and these little numbers that have made my list should make their way into every women’s closet to have for every occasion. ASOS has options such as “Petite” for us shorter ladies as well.

Petite Simple Jumpsuit with Long Sleeves $99.82 (, also available in other colors)

Petite Simple Jumpsuit with Long Sleeves $99.82 (, also available in other colors)

photo (2)

Night Rush Jumpsuit $58 (

Unique Sequin Jumpsuit $665 (

Unique Sequin Jumpsuit $665 (

7. Jackets: These jackets have so many possibilities if added with pieces in my wardrobe. That’s why they are currently on my Christmas wish list! 

BornMajestic Hooded Jacket  (

BornMajestic “Little Blue Riding Hood” Jacket $149 (

"Keep on Swinging" Fringe Jacket $58 (

“Keep on Swinging” Fringe Jacket $58 (

6. Booties: Booties are making a huge statement on the fashion scene this Fall/Winter. These have just so happened to capture my heart’s attention.

Dune Diamond Peep Toe Ankle Boots $227 (

Dune Diamond Peep Toe Ankle Boots $227 (

Guiseppe Zanotti Booties $1,048 (

Guiseppe Zanotti Booties $1,048 (, other colors also available)

5. Arm Candy : It’s an Arm Party and these bracelets have definitely been invited to join my party! 🙂

BruceGlen Stones & Gold Slapstick Bracelet $85 (

BruceGlen Stones & Gold Slapstick Bracelet $85 (

Zander Skinny Stud Cuff $195 (

Zander Skinny Stud Cuff $195 (

4. Beauty: Lipstain & Skin Finisher. These are an absolute must have for every women this holiday season and my 2 favorite items in my makeup bag. These are the brands that I have & love!

Sephora Lipstain $12 ( This is the secret behind my infamous red lipstick. I love Sephora's lipstain because it doesn't make my lips look or feel dry and it stays on FOREVER!

Sephora Lipstain $12 ( This is the secret behind my infamous red lipstick. I love Sephora’s lipstain because it doesn’t make my lips look or feel dry and it stays on FOREVER!

mac gold deposit

MAC Skin Finisher $35 (www.maccosmetics) . I use “Gold Deposit” on my face to give it a little glow.

3. Thigh High Boots: Thigh High Boots have been a shoe obsession of mine for awhile now. I remember when they used to be deemed as stripper shoes back in the 90’s, now my hunt to find the perfect pair has become the search of my life. I had a pair last year but lost them in a friend’s car. These babies are on my Christmas wish list this year, hopefully Santa/God hear’s my heart cry for them!

Nine West "Bam" Boots $130 (

Nine West “Bam” Boots $130 (

Tom Ford "Zipper Heel" Thigh High $1,990 (

Tom Ford “Zipper Heel” Thigh High $1,990 (

2. Earrings : Here are a couple of ear jewels that are perfect for your holiday outfits and also a great gifting idea. Love them!

BornMajestic Colorful Drop Earrings  (

BornMajestic Colorful Drop Earrings (

Primary Aztec Drop Earrings $36 (

Primary Aztec Drop Earrings $36 (

Winged Ear Cuff $32 (

Winged Ear Cuff $32 (

1. Handbags/ Clutches: From Day to Evening, these are my favorite handbags for the winter/ holiday time!

Punched Metal Minaudiere $100 (

Punched Metal Minaudiere $100 (

Limited Edition Punky Chain & Leather Messenger Bag $279 (

Limited Edition Punky Chain & Leather Messenger Bag $279 (

BruceGlen Armadillo Negro Clutch $985 (

BruceGlen Armadillo Negro Clutch $985 (

Happy Holidays!

Xoxo ~ Chrissy Joy

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  • sexandthecincy December 20, 2013 at 8:47 am

    Love that hood jacket!

    • Chrissy Joy December 20, 2013 at 9:40 pm

      I know right, so cute!!

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