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It’s 8:15 am on a Thursday morning, I’m rushing to get to work on time, and running onto the J train like a madwoman to make sure that I get in before the door closes! As I finally get inside the subway car and find that perfect seat at the end of the row, I fall into it but take a quick survey around the crowded train before getting too comfortable (mostly to make sure that there aren’t any elderly and/or pregnant woman standing that may need a seat. To see them standing when they should be sitting is a pet peeve of mine). Whew…the coast is clear. Thank God…I really wanted to sit down because my feet were not in the mood to stand.

After being seated for about 3 minutes I begin to look around to see what everyone on the train is wearing. It is one of my favorite things to do because I have found so many outfit inspirations by just seeing certain textures, color combinations and pattern mixing through various outfits spotted. On this particular day, (actually the last 2 mornings) I noticed a common theme in the looks of the majority of the passengers… a neutral canvas. I was surrounded by a sea of woman wearing either light pastel, nude or white nail polish (myself included, I was wearing a light pink). The outfits consisted mostly of white and/or basic colors and pops of bright colors in a few women’s handbags and shoes. This is completely understandable seeing as it was just another summer day in New York, but it also got the wheels turning in my head. What happen to those trademark all-black New Yorkers?! You know, the ones who don their chic all-black attire year-round without any regard to the changing of seasons. That person would usually be me! Black is one of my favorite colors, but this summer I challenged myself to put it away for a bit and choose more season-friendly colors. I’m sure the other trademark New Yorkers were probably on another train car and I hadn’t caught a glimpse of them…but that thought in and of itself turned into an outfit idea to me.

Ironically, the next morning I was meeting up with my photographer to do a shoot for the blog. That morning I rummaged through my closet already knowing the exact look I wanted to wear. Low and behold I find my black faux leather bustier and faux leather shorts ( I’m trying to save the cows ya’ know… or at least until I find a pair of reasonably priced real leather bustier and shorts that I’m willing to drop the cash for. Lezzzzz be honest!). I paired them with my jean crop top and black/gold sandals. I threw my purple striped top around my waist at the last minute because my left cheek couldn’t seemed to find it’s place inside my shorts properly. I completed the look by changing my nail polish back to my favorite black and adding in my black cross-body bag. WAH-LAH, my outfit is birthed and I’m back to black!

Let’s take a gander at the full look!

DSC_1761 DSC_1775 DSC_1808 DSC_1817 DSC_1877 DSC_1889 DSC_1906 DSC_1830


Faux Leather Bustier: Forever 21 // Faux Leather shorts: H&M // Jean Crop Top: Forever 21 // Black & Gold Sandals: Prima Donna // Purple Striped Top: New York & Company // Crossbody bag: Nine West // Necklace: Charming Charlie’s // Bracelets: Vintage // Watch: Michael Kors

Photographer: Jordan Elias of ForFashionFreeks.com