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February 2015

NYFW Style Diary: Part 2

February 28, 2015

Hey lovies!

So far you’ve seen two of the four looks from my New York Fashion Week Style Diary. Now let’s get into the remaining looks along with their inspiration! πŸ™‚

Day 4: #TeamCookie

I drew a little inspiration from one of my favorite television shows for Day 4 of Fashion Week. I have been obsessed with the show “Empire” after my sister convinced me to watch the show after the second episode. Since then I have been all about “Cookie”, which is one of the shows main characters. Her personality is crazy and hilarious, and her style is all about furs, body-con dresses, and lots of leopard. Although I don’t have fur coats and body con dresses, I pulled out my old faux fur vest, and midi faux leather pencil skirt to bring my version of “Cookie” to Lincoln Center. πŸ˜‰

Chrissy Joy

Netted Top: H&M || Faux Fur Vest: Steve Madden Girl || Faux Leather Skirt: Zara || Coat: Cole Haan || Necklace: Aldo ||


Finale of FaithΒ 

Day 6 was my final day of Fashion Week. What better way to finish off my Fashion Week experience than to display my faith for all to see! I pulled out my favorite “Faith my favorite F-word” tee from my closet, and paired it with my faux leather skirt and thigh-high socks for a comfy, downtown look. I believe it’s always best to make a statement before you make an exit πŸ™‚

Chrissy Joy Chrissy Joy Chrissy Joy Chrissy Joy Chrissy Joy

“Faith my favorite F-word” Tee: || Necklace: Aldo || Coat: Cole Haan || Skirt: Zara || Socks: American Apparel || Booties: Steve Madden


Photographer: Derek Sturdivant (


Xo- Chrissy Joy

NYFW Style Diary : Part 1

February 27, 2015

Hey Lovies!

We have been reviewing a few of the shows that I attended during New York Fashion Week for the past couple of days, but now it’s time to get the best part, my Style Diary!

I honestly was not very inspired when it came to choosing what to wear for Fashion Week, because the weather was freezing the entire time. When I am very cold I get into a mood which makes it hard for me to do or think about anything, other than snuggling up in a huge blanket and sleeping. Fortunately, I was able to push past that mood and put together a few looks for the 4 days of Fashion Week that I participated. So let’s get into each look along with its inspiration! πŸ™‚

Layered Love

On day two of Fashion Week (which was my first day of joining the festivities) it was very cold and windy. I had originally planned to wear a simple look with a statement jacket and necklace, but that idea quickly changed when I checked the weather on my phone that morning. I added two extra layers to my look along with faux leather leggings (that were super warm!) and booties. Some may say that the weather inspired my sudden change of wardrobe from simple to layered love!


NYFW Day 2 - Chrissy Joy NYFW Day 2 - Chrissy Joy NYFW Day 2 - Chrissy Joy NYFW Day 2 - Chrissy Joy

White Button down: H&M || Jean crop top: Forever 21 || Leather Vest: Express || Coat: Like Father Like Son Vintage || Faux Leather legging|| Faux Leather pants: Express || Booties: Zara


4 Shades of Grey

On day three, I decided that wanted to try a monochromatic look. I have been wanting to try the style out for awhile, but in a color other than black, so I went with grey. This happened to be the same day that “50 shades of Grey” premiered in the movie theaters, so my outfit went perfect for the occasion! Lol One of the trends that I spotted on the runway for Fall were all-grey looks, so it feels good to know that I am ahead of the trend πŸ™‚

Chrissy Joy Chrissy Joy Chrissy Joy Chrissy Joy

Crop Top: Forever 21 || Sweatpant Trousers: Zara || Coat: Zara || Necklace: Aldo || Shoes: Aldo


My remaining 2 looks will be posted tomorrow!Β 


Photographer: Derek Sturdivant (

Xo- Chrissy Joy

3:23 by Anthony McDowell F/W 2015

February 26, 2015

It was arctic cold on the evening that Anthony McDowell showcased his 3:23 Fall/Winter 2015 presentation at the Andaz Hotel in Manhattan. But things warmed up quickly for me as soon as I laid eyes on his captivating menswear collection. As five male models walked around the room in sporty, casual, and unique designs, I could see that this collection was based on quality over quantity.

After taking a closer look at the detailing and styling of each garment, I felt that there had to be a deeper meaning behind this collection or a specific inspiration in which the designing was drawn from. Luckily I was able to pull the designer, Anthony McDowell to the side for a quick Q&A during the presentation:

Anthony describes his menswear line as his “alter ego”. It’s a way for him to lose himself and become a different person through his designs. “I can be who I am in my everyday life, but I am able to become different person when I design. I can create bold pieces that I normally wouldn’t wear in my everyday life”.

When asked about the inspiration behind his collection: “I find inspiration from everywhere. I work in this hotel so everyday, and I look out the window into the city (FYI: the view from the Andaz hotel overlooks the beautiful buildings in midtown manhattan, including the Empire State Building). I drew inspiration from the detailing in the buildings such as the windows, and the skyline of the city.

After speaking with Anthony, I felt that I clearly understood his vision for his collection and brand. I could literally see his inspiration in sight, and how it was so beautifully translated onto the garments of this collection. Overall the 3:23 by Anthony McDowell is a collection that definitely caught my attention, and he is a designer that you should keep your eyes on!


3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell 3:23 by Anthony McDowell



Photos by Anthony McDowell


**Because the detailing of the garments are what I loved most about this collection, above are a close view at all of the pieces. For full body pictures from this collection and to contact Anthony McDowell, head over to his website at**


Xo- Chrissy Joy



Olivia Anthony Spring/Summer 2015

February 25, 2015

Hey lovies!

Although we’ve been looking ahead at the Fall/Winter 2015 shows, I have to dish on my favorite Spring/Summer 2015 collection that has been recently released by Olivia Anthony!

Described as β€œharojuku girl mixed with a bit of baby doll sweetness” this fun, unique, and artistic collection came out the gate with a bang, and has been on the β€œmust have” list of many fashion stylist since (myself included!).Β From drop-crotch printed sequins pants to an embellished jacket that has everything you could imagine on it, there is literally nothing not to love about this collection.

As a fashion stylist and creative director, Olivia’s vision for this collection was to conceive editorial pieces that other stylist could go wild with, and create memorable stories that they would live to appreciate in the future. One of the things that caught my eye about this collection was the artistic value in every piece of clothing. Every top, dress, jacket and pants made a beautiful statement, and if worn by itself would create its own lasting story.

Anthony’s eponymous brand may not have released it’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection during the same time as the mainstream designers, but not doing so is the perfect depiction of the designer and her brand. Olivia Anthony is a trailblazer who doesn’t wait for anyone to tell her when or how she should do anything, she leads her own path and creates her own unique and beautiful stories through her designs. “My brand is not to be understood by all and that’s okay. Maybe you may not get it now….but you will”

Olivia Anthony Spring/Summer 2015Olivia Anthony Spring/Summer 2015Olivia Anthony Spring/Summer 2015Olivia Anthony Spring/Summer 2015Olivia Anthony Spring/Summer 2015Olivia Anthony Spring/Summer 2015

Designer: Olivia Anthony || Lead Designer: Anthony McDowell || Model: Nyamuoch Girwath || Photographer: Ruby June || Assistant Photographer: Taylor Terry


** This collection is currently only available for editorial usage **

To see more from Olivia Anthony head over to! πŸ™‚


Xo- Chrissy Joy


Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015

February 25, 2015

Known for his sleek, sophisticated and sexy designs, Jay Godfrey is definitely a designer that knows the woman’s body and how to accentuate her figure. Godfrey’s designs are inspired by the chic New York women, as he uses luxurious fabrics and classic tailoring to produce the modern silhouettes of his garments. I was able to attend his Fall/Winter 2015 presentation held at Lincoln Center and instantly fell in love with his designs!

As I walked into the Jay Godfrey presentation and scanned the room, I saw an array of models dressed in purple and black printed pieces, as well as a few solid colored separates in pink and tweed. The common denominator in all of the garments was the impeccable fit. Each jumpsuit, dress, and suiting separates either hung on the model perfectly, or fit like a glove that was custom made for that specific model. The designs in this collection are perfect for the woman looking for fun work pieces that can be mixed and matched and taken from day to night. It also included gowns for a woman in her 20’s or late 30’s who’s looking for that sleek curve hugging gown to wear to a formal event or party. I could picture the suits in this presentation worn by celebrities to various appearances such as book signings, and talk shows.

My mind goes into stylist mode when I attend presentations. As I’m viewing each garment I’m also thinking of two people, or scenarios for which the garment can be styled.

Overall, this collection was one that I feel is perfect mix of modern, sexy and sophistication. I would love to have a few pieces from this collection added into my wardrobe ASAP, especially the black jumpsuit!

Take look at the pieces from this collection that caught my eye! πŸ™‚

Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015 Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015 Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015 Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015 Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015 Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015 Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015 Jay Godfrey Fall/Winter 2015 X



Xo- Chrissy Joy