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March 2015

Undiscovered Love

March 25, 2015

As women we have many things that we obsess over. Shoes, handbags, sales, that “to-die-for” mini skirt and everything in between. For the longest I thought that my only obsession was high-heeled shoes, that was…until last week.

I was out with a good friend for lunch and she complimented me on a vintage coat I was wearing. She said “I swear you’re wearing a different coat every time that I see you! That must be your thing right…coats?! You must have lots of them at home!” After a few seconds of pondering I replied “You know what, I think you’re right!”

Later that night when I returned home, I took off my coat and opened my closet to hang it up, and what I saw next astonished me. Half of my closet was filled with coats! From vest to blazers, jackets to sweaters, and a few heavy coats and vintage finds. It was a surprise to me that I never took the time to analyze my closet to see how many coats I had collected throughout the years. The fact that it was consuming half of my closet space made me feel even more blind for not noticing! Lol I felt like I had been having a “Hey Arnold” moment for years and never knew it (putting on the same type of thing everyday because there’s so many in my closet, but never realizing that I’m wearing the same pattern of things all of the time).

I even made a collage after I realized how many post I had done wearing my favorite jackets! lol

Chrissy Joy

I think back to the mornings when I’m trying to decide what to wear. Regardless of the type of clothing I put on, I never really felt that my outfit was complete until I put some type of outerwear on top of it. Whether it’s an oversize sweater, leather jacket or vintage coat, I feel like it completes my look.

For today’s look I decided to add one of my new vintage coats. I scored it at one of my favorite vintage/antique shops in North Carolina, “Father & Son Antiques”. If you live in Triad area make sure to check them out! 🙂

Chrissy Joy Chrissy Joy Chrissy JoyChrissy JoyChrissy JoyChrissy JoyChrissy Joy

Vintage Coat: Father & Son Antiques | Tan Perforated Jacket: Cache | Green Pants: Forever 21 | Tan Heels: Off Broadway Shoes | Clutch: BornMajestic Boutique

Photographer: Derek Sturdivant (

Xo- Chrissy Joy

Flashback Friday!

March 6, 2015

Hey Lovies!

In honor of #FlashbackFriday, I thought it would be great to share a fun Chrissy Joy Style video made by my good friend and videographer, Leomary Rodriguez! 🙂 It was originally made to go along with my 1 Year Anniversary post back in November, but for various reasons ended up becoming a lost file that never made it to the blog! 🙁 But no worries, everything happens for a reason. I believe its the perfect flashback video to take you into weekend! 🙂


Videographer: Leomary Rodriguez (

Have a great weekend!

Xo- Chrissy Joy