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May 2015

Mi AmorΒ 

May 30, 2015

Hey lovies!

It’s officially summer!! (does happy tap dance across the floor!)

It’s been a long winter and quick spring, but now it’s time pull out the daisy dukes shorts, fire up the backyard grills, go to all the rooftop parties and set up the nighttime bonfires! I love all the endless outdoor activities that summertime brings!

For me, with every new season comes a new clothing obsession. In the fall/winter it’s usually my jacket/coat obsession. This spring I was in love with sheer overlay tops, but this summer I have been buying button-ups nonstop! From tops to dresses, I literally can’t get enough of this classic staple piece because I can make any kind-of outfit with it.

For this weeks look, I was inspired by a wide-brim hat that I purchased not too long ago. It gave me a instant feel of sophistication as soon as I tried it on. I knew I wanted to create that same type of look with it. I paired it with a classic white button down dress and strappy heels. I also added a statement necklace and my color block “797” bag to add a bit of pizzaz to the outfit.

After finishing the look with my signature red lip, I took a look in the mirror to check out my outfit creation. I couldn’t help but mouth the words “Mi Amor” in my fake French accent to take on this sophisticated persona that my outfit was giving me! I’d also like to think that it was a indication of my newfound love ….. button ups! πŸ™‚ (Why I said a Spanish term in a French accent is beyond me, but it sounded sophisticated so just roll with the punches and don’t kill my vibe! Lol)

Β Β 

Button-Down Dress: H&M || Wide Brim Hat: H&M || Statement Necklace: Aldo || Strappy Heels: Aldo || “797” Bag: Tory Burch

Photographer : Derek Sturdivant (

Xo, Chrissy Joy

Don’t Call It A Comeback

May 14, 2015

Hey Lovies!

Do you have old items of clothing from your past that you can’t seem to let go?  It’s been through World War I & II, and may not even fit the same anymore, but you still hold on to that spaghetti noodle of hope that some day you can revive it to live in its glory again.

Well, that’s me and my old Madonna tank from High School!  It was dirt cheap and made out of the thinnest cotton material this side of the Mississippi! It even has a few holes (or what I like to call “battle wounds”) on it, but for some reason I’ve held onto it for 10 years.

Recently I found a way to slip it back into my everyday wear for the summer, but in a slightly new way. Wearing it backwards! It’s a racer back tank so it has a bit of a column in the middle and exposes the shoulder, so you wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with it. But that’s no problem with me, because in the summer I tend to let the girls go free (I’m not chugging double D’s to begin with).

I paired it with my sweat pant trouser from Zara, and my short sleeved/high neck jacket from Ann Taylor Loft. As a finishing touch, I accessorized it with a few old necklaces from high school that I found in my jewelry box!

I’d like to think that my tank is re-living its glory in a new way that exposes its battle wounds and blemishes shame-free! πŸ™‚

What type of clothing from your past are you still holding on to?  Comment below, because I’d love to know! I can also answer any questions you may have on how to revive the item into an outfit….or if the possibility of its glory is long gone…lol



 Top: H&M // Pants: Zara // Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft // Jewelry: Vintage // Shoes: Converse

Photographer: Yaminah Mayo

Xo, Chrissy Joy

The Waiting Room

May 5, 2015

Growing up, I’ve always heard the saying “patience is a virtue” in regards to my “I have to have it now!” personality. I never really understood what was so virtuous about it, and why people always made it seem like it was so wrong to receive what you want without having to wait 10+ years (or so it always feels like) to get it. I mean, if I pray and work hard for what I want, why can’t I just receive it when I want it?!

This has been a question in the back of my mind for awhile as I stand on his promises in what feels like the “waiting room” in my life. It wasn’t until recently that I had a revelation which made the lightbulb go off in my head, and finally my question was answered.

Failure. It’s a word that sends chills down my spine at just the thought of it, yet it is exactly what happens when we don’t allow patience to operate in our lives. Imagine having a mountain bike that you’ve worked hard at using every day, and now you’ve mastered how to ride it effortlessly. Now, imagine that you have just been gifted a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yes, it’s still a bike, but it’s on a new level and a lot more advanced than your mountain bike you’ve been riding every day. If you jump on and start riding without adequate training you’re gonna crash on the first ride. Or, if you encounter a situation on the bike that you’re not familiar with because you haven’t properly prepared, the results could be deadly.

Sometimes we feel like we are ready for what we’ve been hoping and praying for right away, but little do we know that God may be trying to give us that request plus more (which equals up to a Harley Davidson or bigger). Rather than gifting it to us as soon as we ask or when we feel we’re ready for it, he will have us wait and properly prepare ourselves so that we do not face inevitable failure once we receive it.

Now, I’m no genius, BUT I would consider myself to be very smart and I can usually learn things pretty quickly. So this made me think…if God has me in this “waiting room” for THIS LONG and still feels like I’m not quite ready for the magnitude of his blessing, well gosh darn-it this must be a MOUNTAIN-SIZE blessing coming my way!! πŸ™‚ I’m totally willing to wait because with something that big coming, I definitely don’t want failure to come anywhere near it!

Chrissy joy style Chrissy joy style Chrissy joy style Chrissy joy style Chrissy joy style Imag

Jumpuit: H&M || Booties: Urban Outfitters || Sunglasses: Aldo || Lipstick: Sephora Luster Matte (deep plum)

Photographer: Roberto Johnson of

Xo, Chrissy Joy