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April 2016

Handbag Heaven 

April 18, 2016

Hey Lovies!

About two months ago, I was riding on the 6 train taking my usual route to work. It was a typical morning of me jamming my music through my earbuds and browsing around the train at everyone. While perusing the scene, I noticed an ad spread across the top of the train. Many brands and companies place their ads there because most subway riders are like me, we do not like to give direct eye contact to others on the train, so we read the ads and watch the scene through our cat-eye sunglasses.

This particular ad caught my attention because I had seen it a few times earlier that week on different trains. It advertised a company named “ReBagg” that provides an awesome way for women to sell their designer handbags quick and easy without having to go through the consignment process. (I recently had a bad consignment experience, so I want to avoid them at all cost)

I loved the concept of what the company provides! Which is why I was so excited when ReBagg contacted me about partnering with them. I know there are many of my friends and followers that have Fall/Winter bags they may want to sell in order to buy a brighter bag for the Spring/Summer season. This program is perfect for those women, as well as those who just want to get extra cash from the designer bags that maybe collecting dust in their closets.

This is how the process works :

1. Take a picture of the bag you would like to sell.

2. Upload the picture to –

3. You will receive a quote of how much “ReBagg” will pay you for the bag.

4. If you accept, they will send a messenger to come pick up the bag (FOR NYC ONLY). If you live outside of New York, you will have a prepaid package sent to you.

5. Once you have sent your bag in and it is inspected (to ensure that it looks as pictured) you will receive your check within 2-3 business days.


** If the bag has damage that was not pictured, ReBagg will send you a modified quote. If you choose not to accept the quote, they will send the bag back to you free of charge! **

Below is the list of designer bags that ReBagg purchases:

3.1 Philip Lim


Alexander McQueen

Alexander Wang


Bottega Veneta





Christian Dior

Christian Louboutin

Dolce & Gabbana






Jason Wu

Jimmy Choo

Judith Lieber

Lana Marks


Louis Vuitton


Mansur Gavriel



Mui Mui


Nancy Gonzalez

Nina Ricci

Oscar Del La Renta


Proenza Schouler

Ralph Lauren Collection

Reed Krakoff

Roberto Cavalli

Roger Vivier

Saint Laurent/ YSL

Salvatore Ferragamo

Stella McCartney

The Row

Tiffany & Co.


Tom Ford



Victoria Beckham
If you see a brand of a bag that you own within the list and would like to get rid of it, go ahead a get your process started at my link! :

Now is the time to send your old bags to “Handbag Heaven” and birth a new style of designer bags for the Spring Season! 🙂

If you have any additional questions please let me know in the comments!

XO – Chrissy Joy


Regal Callings 

April 12, 2016

Regal: Relating to or suitable for a king or queen; Royal.

Growing up I didn’t hear the word “royalty” often, except on the news when speaking of the royal family in England, and when rapper T.I dubbed himself the “King Of The South”. It just wasn’t a common word used in my hometown because no one considered themselves to be a king or queen of anything (other than their house and grill).

As I became older I started to hear the word more in regard to black women and men, and how we should take pride in our heritage and recognize that we are kings and queens.

I am very proud to be an African-American woman and love the heritage that stems from my lineage. However, I realized recently that long before I was born or even thought of for that matter, I have always been placed in the lineage of royalty and greatness. I became a direct heir to the throne of the King before race and culture were ever known or divided.

It’s amazing to me that when God was forming me in my mothers womb He knew the power that I would possess, and the lives that I would change just by being his daughter.

It makes me that much more grateful and humbled that He chose me. It makes me walk with my head held high and with a little extra attitude in my strut, knowing that no matter what category someone tries to place me in, my crown will always set me apart…it’s the signature on a last will and testament that proves I am royalty! 🙂


Crop Top: H&M || Blush Skirt : H&M || Belt : Vintage || Top Hat: Vintage || Heels : Aldo

** I wasn’t able to link the exact items that I am pictured wearing, but below is a super cute similar look for a great price! **

MANGO Metal Appliqué Belt • MANGO • $17.99
ALDO Goude Cognac Ghillie Tie Up Heeled Sandals • Aldo • $98
Wide Brim Straw Hat • Dynamite • $22.95
Midi Organza Appliqué Skirt • $49.97
Racer Crop Top White • Missguided • $8.50

Photographer : Kerrisha Ealey

XO- Chrissy Joy


April 7, 2016

Hey Lovies!

Do you have a go-to place for peace, stillness, and clarity? A place where you can get away from everyday worries, to think and refocus? Outside of my church, for me, that place is home. It’s my escape place every few weeks or so to collect my thoughts and spend quiet time alone with family, friends, and God without any distractions.

Home for me is Creedmoor, North Carolina – where I was born and raised. Although there’s a stark difference from my life in New York City, home brings me just as much joy as the city, just in a different way. When New York hands me lemons, I learn how to make those lemons multiply and bring in an income – whether through lemonade, lemon tart bars, or lemon sauces. However, when North Carolina hands me lemons, I make a glass of lemonade and sit outside in the grass to watch the sun go down. Major differences, but both bring about a happy ending.

During my visit to North Carolina last weekend, I took time to refocus my mind and learn some new things about myself and others. One new thing I learned about myself is that if I don’t jot down a task along with the time, place, and details and then look at it daily, that task will most likely be left undone. The problem doesn’t come from not writing the task, it comes when I leave my planner in random places, and forget to look at it until the task is due to be complete. However, now that the issue is recognized, I can address it and nip it in the bud! 🙂

During my home visit, I also learned new things about others through my weekly Bible Study called “Lighthouse”. Lighthouse is a series of lessons that I teach through my church to women in different states and countries around the world via Skype. (Email for more information on joining one!)

Overall, this past weekend taught me how important it is to take time to evaluate my life (spiritual and physical), business, and career as a whole to see how I can continue to improve and grow. This can’t be done if I’m constantly distracted by everyday issues. So I encourage you to find your quiet place – whether it’s your closet, the backyard of your home, or a different state. Make the time to create a better you! 🙂


Top: Tommy Hilfiger (circa 1990’s) || Skirt: H&M || Belt: Vintage || Heels: Aldo

**Unfortunately the items I am wearing are ages old, below is a great similar outfit for under $150! **

Steve Madden Fancci • Steve Madden

Subliminal Sounds Printed Skirt • The Fifth Label

FOREVER 21 stripe zipped top • Forever 21

Photographer: Kerrisha Ealey 

XO- Chrissy Joy