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May 2016

Healing Hand

May 31, 2016

Hey Lovies! 

Today’s post is one that has touched me personally in a big way. I wasn’t planning on talking about this until I began looking through the pictures that I was planning to post, and I found myself staring at a picture of a necklace hanging from my neck. Have you ever buried something so deep within that you forget about it, then a person, thing or picture makes you have a flashback? Well, that’s what happened. 

When I was about seven years old, I started to develop a rash on my neck. It started out small, but later spanned across my entire neck. It also developed on the inner parts of both of my arms and also around my belly button. It didnt itch or have any drainage…it was just there. My parents took me to a dermatologist, but the doctor couldn’t figure out what it was and sent me home with a creme. Needless to say the creme didn’t work and actually made the rash on my stomach spread even more. I wanted to pretend the rash wasn’t there to make myself feel better, but there was always that one ballsy kid that would muster up enough courage to point it out in front of everyone and ask “what’s that thing on your neck?!” I started to wear long sleeve shirts to cover the inner parts of my arms and I always wore a one-piece when going to the beach/pool because of the rash. I would even wear this burgundy sleeveless mock-turtleneck during the summer to try to cover my neck. 

This went on for about five years. I went to countless dermatologist, had a drawer full of every cream you could imagine (none of which worked, or made the rashes worse.) It wasn’t until my parents finally decided that enough was enough and told me that we were going to pray moving forward. I remember the day they called me into their room, prayed over my body, anointed me with oil and said that God was going to heal me.

The healing wasn’t immediate, but over a three year span my rash began to disappear. No creams, lotions or pills needed! I had completely forgotten about it until I went swimsuit shopping one day and realized that what was left of the rash on my stomach had completely cleared up! I walked away from the store that day with my first bikini! πŸ™‚ 

Typing this story makes me tear up because it was something that affected me for so long and made me question if God would ever heal me completely. However, it also taught me that things may not happen exactly when we want, but God NEVER forgets about us. He always delivers his healing right on time and makes us even more beautiful afterwards than when our story began!

            The items in this outfit are not available, but below is an almost identical look with items that I love! πŸ™‚

Women’s Tory Burch 53mm Polarized Retro Sunglasses – Light Tortoise/ Polar β€’ Tory Burch

Aldo Fritano Wrap-around Pump β€’ Aldo

ASOS COLLECTION ASOS Leather Look Pencil Skirt with Utility Pockets β€’ Asos

H&M – Lace Off-the-shoulder Blouse – Black – Ladies β€’ H&M


Makeup by Chinaza Moses 

Photography by CR Creative Studios 

XoXo- Chrissy Joy

Wild Thang !Β 

May 27, 2016

Hey Lovies! 

 In the wild there are a specific set of animals that I love! πŸ™‚ The lion, cheetah and the giraffe. First, because of their beauty, but most importantly because they exhibit the characteristics that I desire to have as a person.

 A lion is symbol of strength, power, honor and courage. They fight hard for their family and are vigilant of any who would cause harm to those they love. Although lions exudes power when they walk, their feet have soft pads on the bottom which make their steps quite. They are also digitigrade walkers, which means that they literally walk on their toes. 

A cheetah exudes elegance and grace. They are small compared to the other cats in the wild, but they run faster than all when chasing after what they want. They spend most of their time teaching those who come after them (their young) their ways and how to succeed. 

 A giraffe sees things from a higher perspective. They usually stay with a flock of other giraffes, and gather not only for themselves but for others within their flock. 

 I’ve always considered myself a wild one when it comes to my antics at times. But I’m learning that my aspirations for who I want be in life are stemmed from the beings of the wild. 

 I want to be a woman who exudes power, strength and courage, but makes her moves quietly without boasting in herself. Someone with elegance who invest in those coming after her in a effort to make them the best version of themselves. She may not be on the same level as others in her industry, yet she continues to run fast and swiftly towards her goals. This woman sees the bigger picture in most situations, because she views them with a higher vision of understanding.

 This is a wild woman! πŸ™‚   


 Top: Sonic Styles 

Basic Bandana

Mossimo Women’s Destroyed Boyfriend 

Jean Light Wash β€’ Mossimo

SI BY SINELA Moccasins

Faux Leather Moto Jacket β€’ Bagatelle


Makeup by Chinaza Moses 

Photographer : CRCreativeStudios

Special thanks to everyone at RedLight PR !! 

XoXo- Chrissy Joy

Bridging The Gap

May 24, 2016

Hey Lovies! 

 Have you ever watched someone you know take a turn for the worst? You’ve watched them go from bubbly and charismatic to someone who barely smiles or can even look at themselves in the mirror. You want to offer words of encouragement, but you know that it will fall on deaf ears because the person is convinced that you’re just being their friend and don’t really mean it. 

 In these moments, you may feel helpless or think there is nothing you can do to turn the situation around or that the situation is a never-ending puzzle. You may be wrong. In fact, you may actually be the missing piece to the puzzle that brings the masterpiece together. 

 Here are three steps that you should take to fulfill your role as the missing puzzle piece: 

 1. Pray. If you need to grab another close mutual girlfriend (someone you can truly trust and won’t judge the situation) to pray with you, do it! If you haven’t noticed from my previous post, there is definitely power in prayer! 

2. Believe. No matter how annoying, long, redundant, and crazy it may seem for you to keep believing positive thoughts about this person, keep telling yourself that somehow, something amazing is going to happen. Keep believing! The last thing your friend needs is for you to give up.  

3. Keep Living. This can sometimes be the hardest task of all! When someone tells you to trust that God is in control of a situation and not stress about it, your first instinct is to say “that’s easier said than done.” However, when you truly apply this tip to your life you will find yourself at peace which will in turn will bring peace to your friend. 

 You may not know it, but you are the answer to someone’s prayers. You are the missing piece that can change a situation. But the power inside you won’t be released until you use it to bridge the gap and create the masterpiece. πŸ™‚ 




  Top: Sosie Natasha Off The Shoulder Top

Shorts :Tolani Collection Sabina Shorts

Shoes: “Schutz” (The exact pair is sold out, but below is a great similar option that I love!)

Jessica Simpson Racine Suede Cage Heels β€’ Jessica Simpson β€’ $110

 Makeup By Chinaza Moses

Photographer : CR Creative Studios

Specal Thanks to all of the amazing folks over at RedLight PR !! πŸ™‚


XoXo- Chrissy Joy

The Power of PrayerΒ 

May 17, 2016

Hey lovies!

Have you ever prayed for something you really wanted? I’m not talking about praying a few times and stopping after a few days. I mean REALLY praying for something and not stopping until you see it manifest, even if it takes months or years! Lately, I’ve learned that these are the prayers that sometimes drive us the craziest, but also have the power to start a revolution.

Out of natural instinct our bodies are programmed to push us to a certain limit, but once we hit that limit it takes an external push to keep us going (whether it be our family, kids, mentors or friends) or our bodies will physically shut down. The results can come through sickness, stress, hair loss and anxiety. I’ve come to realize that although I have a awesome support system of family, friends and church, what has truly kept me going through certain obstacles in my life has been prayer. It is the one thing that has brought me peace and given me the strength to keep pushing beyond the limits that my body would allow me to go.

Through this pushing and perseverance something beautiful emerges; an answered prayer! πŸ™‚ Not only was the prayer answered, but it brought an increase in my faith and assurance that this answered prayer is only the beginning of something huge! God is not in the business of simply answering prayers, he makes sure to follow them up with something mind blowing that shows the world that only HE could have pulled it off. These acts are the first steps of revolution that inspires others and brings them to God.

It’s a fact that a woman who gets what she wants is happy, but a woman who gets what she wants through perseverance in God has the ability to change the world ! πŸ™‚


 boohoo Sadie Single Platform Strappy β€’ Boohoo

Skies Are Blue Cut-Out Jumpsuit

Violeta BY MANGO Paisley Print Scarf β€’ Violeta BY MANGO

Mini Flower Layered Choker Necklace

Photographer: Najah Cobb (@russianroulette on Instagram) 

XoXo- Chrissy Joy 

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Weekend GetawayΒ 

May 13, 2016

Hey Lovies!

Spring is in full effect! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and summer plans/trips and being put into place! I decided to get a jump start on my travels recently by taking a extended weekend trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit my brother, his fiancΓ©e and my new baby nephew. It was my first time visiting Ohio and I knew it wasn’t a place known for adventures, but just as any trip I take I was hoping for a fun time. I ended up having such a good time that I had to share all the deets! πŸ™‚

Although my destination was Columbus, I stayed at my brother’s house in a town called “Dublin”. I nicknamed the town “the land of the manicured lawns” because literally every grain of grass that I saw was perfectly green and some lawns were accompanied by bushes that were trimmed into sculptures (No lie!).

I am naturally a big foodie and I’m down for trying just about anything, although due to my gluten intolerance (boo!) I pay the price for indulging. I started off with a post Cinco de Mayo celebration at “Nada” in downtown Columbus, complete with chicken tacos, sweet chili glazed fries & cocktails (Mexican heaven!). I later celebrated my awesome photographers bday with a late night at “The Goat” in Dublin. It’s technically an apartment clubhouse/pool house/ beach volleyball court, but they have THE BEST tater tots served with a beer battered cheese that is reminiscent of super cheesy mashed potatoes (sweet baby Jesus!). Later, I went to “SuperChefs” in Gahana. If you ever find yourself in this restaurant, PLEASE do yourself a favor and order “The Jaugernaut”, which is a sandwich consisting of red velvet waffles and fried eggs as the bun, cheese and fried chicken as the filling (literally drooling as I’m typing!).

As much as this food adventure was amaze balls and may have cost me three pounds of extra weight on my hips, the best part was connecting with my family and my baby nephew. As many of you may know through my past post, I am super close with my family, so I truly cherish anytime that I get to spend with them.

I feel like God has consistently made a way for me to be able to spend time with my family even though we live in different states and have our own busy lives. I’m always able to make time to pull the plug for a weekend and forget about schedules and work to really fuel myself up with the love and support that I need the most.

I’m forever grateful for extended weekend trips, and even more grateful for heavenly food that is rooted from the good ole south! πŸ™‚


Karen Kane Women’s Fringe Pencil Skirt β€’ Karen Kane

FOREVER 21 striped crop top β€’ Forever 21

ALDO Goude Cognac Ghillie Tie Up Heeled Sandals β€’ Aldo

Basic Bandana

Photographer: Najah Cobb (@russianroulette)

XO- Chrissy Joy