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November 2016


November 25, 2016

Hey lovies!

Hope you’re having an amazing week and your Thanksgiving was amazing and filled with lots of love! πŸ™‚

Around this time of the year I love to take time to acknowledge the people and things in my life that I am thankful for. I truly believe that in order to move higher you have to be aware of what you have been blessed with, if not, you won’t recognize your growth or truly be grateful for where God is taking you.

2016 has been filled with test, trials, leaps of faith and also breakthroughs. Although the hard parts were full of faith stretching moments, I am grateful for them because they built a perseverance in me. My family, both natural and close friends have been super supportive of me in every way, which has been such a blessing. Also, my church “The Rock Church -Manhattan” is such a firm foundation of love and God-led guidance and I’m thankful to have them in my life. I can honestly say that my life is not perfect, but it’s filled with people who couldn’t be more perfect to have with me on my journey! πŸ™‚

I recently took a trip back to my hometown of Creedmoor, North Carolina (a place that I am thankful for!), and while there I was able to take a few blog pictures that you will see today and in the coming weeks! Let me know your thoughts, and what people/things you are thankful for in the comments! πŸ™‚

Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style

Crop Top: H&M | Cardigan : White House Black Market | Pants: H&M | Shoes : Charlotte Russe | Sunglasses : Mahps Vintage | Handbag: Ralph Lauren


Photographer: Kerrisha Ealey


Xo- Chrissy Joy

Irresistible Chrissy

November 21, 2016

Hey lovies!

Many of you may have witnessed my hair transformation last September through my post “Irresistible Tresses“. At the time I was introduced to the hair company “Irresistible Me” through our collaboration and had began wearing my 18 inch human remy hair extensions. I followed up nine months later with “The Test Of Time” post to let you know that I was completely in love with my clip-ins and was surprised that they were still in amazing shape after almost a year of use!

Today I’m here because I have once again partnered with “Irresistible Me!” πŸ™‚ I have received a fresh new set of “Royal Remi” clip-ins in “Chocolate Brown” that are 20 inches long. I was so excited when I received them in the mail that I immediately took them right out of the bag, clipped them in my hair and jetted out the door for a fashion event (without flat-ironing or curling.) I was concerned with how my hair would look since I didn’t have time to flat-iron the hair to blend it with my hair or do anything special, but to my surprise it didn’t matter! The clips blended so well with my hair that everyone thought I had my hair professionally styled! “Girl who is your stylist?” and “Wow your hair is so long!” were the questions and comments of the night! πŸ™‚

It has now been three weeks with my clip-ins and the response has been amazing! This new set is a longer length but has not been a nuisance (as I expected it to be.) It does not get tangled easily, and it always has a slight curl at the end so that I can pop them in and have a cute style without constantly putting heat on my hair.

Within the first few weeks I’ve had numerous people approach me about purchasing these clip-ins. Luckily for them and YOU I have a coupon code that will give you 10% off anything on! The code is : IRRESISTIBLECHRISSY !
Take a look at my new hair below and let me know your thoughts! If you want to try it out and add a little extra length to your mane, head on over to now! I promise you won’t regret it!! πŸ™‚

Irresistible Me

Irresistibly Me Irresistible Me Irresistible Me Irresistible Me

Stay at tuned in,Β I will be posting a how-to style video and blog post in the coming weeks to show you how I add, style, and take care of my clip-ins! πŸ™‚

Xo- Β  Chrissy Joy


November 16, 2016

Hey Lovies!

I’m a huge advocate of supporting small businesses, and I also love to hear stories of how people got started in following their passion. It inspires me and gives me a little nudge to keep going with my business! So when the company “Carved” asked me to choose one of their beautiful wooden phone cases to use for my IPhone I was super excited! πŸ™‚

Carved makes and sells one-of-kind wood cell phone cases for all types of phones including IPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus. The company was started five years ago by John and Grant when they met for lunch to share ideas of possibly starting a business. John wanted to make wood cases for IPhones but didn’t have any experience manufacturing. Grant was an expert in manufacturing and immediately started working on the first prototype that was later perfected and jumpstarted their company. It’s crazy how God brings the missing pieces in our lives to complete the puzzle of our passion! πŸ™‚

I chose the “New Zealand Paua Shell Case” because it’s made out of a real New Zealand Paua shell. My dream is to travel the world, so I love to collect different pictures and articles of places until I can experience them all in real-life….I now have my small piece of New Zealand! πŸ™‚

Overall, I love the case and its durability without being bulky! I am on my phone a lot so my ideal case is soft, light and pretty…all of which my new case entails! I highly recommend “Carved” for anyone who needs a durable case but does not want to compromise the beauty of their phone. The best part is that each case comes complete with the signatures of the “Carved” team on the inside! It’s a beautiful reminder that teamwork really does make the dream work! πŸ™‚

Chrissy Joy Style x Carved Chrissy Joy Style x Carved Chrissy Joy Style x CarvedChrissy Joy Style x Carved

Purchase your our case today on Carved ! Tell ’em Chrissy Joy sent you! πŸ™‚


Xo- Chrissy Joy

Change Your World!

November 14, 2016

Hey Lovies!

Recently I read an email entitled “How is someone’s life better because they crossed your path?”. It was part of a weekly newsletter that I receive from author, speaker & life strategist, Valorie Burton. I have been faithfully reading her newsletters every Sunday since I was a senior in college. However, this week’s lesson spoke to me in a different way and inspired todays blog post.

In the newsletter Valorie stated: “I remember winning honors and awards in my previous career field, yet feeling a deep dissatisfaction with my work. Because I was good at my profession, the people around me assumed I was happy and purposeful. But deep down, I knew something was off. Life can have all the external accolades of success, but if there is no purpose to what you are accomplishing, you’ll feel a black hole – an empty place in your soul that wants true fulfillment. That true fulfillment comes from knowing you are living on purpose.”

It was a stark reminder to me of my blog and how I felt when I first started writing. It was fun talking about fashion and the ways that things in New York City inspired my outfits, but I still felt like something wasn’t completely right. The response to the clothing was great, but it was expected because people are used to seeing nice outfits from women bloggers. I had to stop and ask myself “How am I making a difference in the blogging world?” and “Is someone’s life positively affected when they encounter my blog?” Those were the questions I never asked myself when I started blogging, but along the way became the questions that I felt needed to be a answered to help fill my void. After I prayed about it, was when God answered the question by changing my style and topics of writing.

My void may have come in the form of blogging, but yours may be in relationships, career, or friendship. Whatever the case may be, stop and realign your thoughts, and then ask yourself how you can positively affect others with the issue you’re dealing with. Pray about it and then take the necessary steps to bring about the change that you want to see in your life. YOU have the power to change your world!

Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy StyleChrissy Joy StyleChrissy Joy Style

Beaded Top: Mahps Vintage – Brooklyn || Shorts : Express || Thigh High Socks : American Apparel || Brogues : Zara

Photographer : Zerline Alvarez

Makeup & Hair : Joli Beauty Bar


xo- Chrissy Joy

The Evolution of Chrissy Joy Style

November 7, 2016

Hey Lovies!

Last week was the three year anniversary of Chrissy Joy Style. It was a momentous time of celebration, but also a time to reflect on how far I have come and where my journey is taking me.

When I started, my original vision for this blog was to share the fashion that inspired me through everyday people, movies, encounters, etc. However, as time progressed God began to insert himself into the vision that I had for myself more and more. He kept my idea of inspiring others, but changed my way of doing it. It went from talking about fashion to words of motivation and personal revelations; and the times that fashion, beauty and haircare are mentioned there is always a bigger message behind it. These changes started to become more evident in my second year of blogging, but now that I am in the third year another change has been made to evolve even more.

I have always loved meeting new people and fascinated to listen to others share their passion and what birthed it. So moving forward, in addition to sharing inspiring messages through my personal revelations, I will be sharing other entrepreneurs/businesses success stories that came from following their vision/passion in an effort to provide more motivational and uplifting content for you! πŸ™‚ Many of these stories will be videos of my experiences with these businesses, and one-on-one interviews with amazing entrepreneurs! Each video will be posted to my YouTube Channel, so make sure to subscribe now! I will also share my fashion and beauty secrets on the channel!

I am so excited for this new addition of positivity to the Chrissy Joy Style Empire, and for God to bring happiness and inspiration into your life through these videos! Stay tuned and follow along daily with me via Instagram! The time is now and we have arrived!! πŸ™‚

Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style

Top: Victoria Secret || Bralette: Urban Outfitters || Skirt: Custom C. Adeola Design || Jacket : Forever 21 || Thigh High Socks : American Apparel || Boots : BCBG Generation

Photographer : Zerline Alvarez

Makeup & Hair: Joli Beauty Bar NYC


xo- Chrissy Joy