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February 2017

Greedilous F/W17 Collection

February 16, 2017

Hey loves,

Up next on my New York Fashion Week list of favorite shows is Concept Korea! Concept Korea is a collaborative project that promotes Korean designers and assist them in their attempts to break into the U.S fashion market. Each season this project showcases the designs of three designers, one of which has caught my eye since last season, Greedilous by Youhee Park.

This season, Greedlious found inspiration in “The Persistence of Memory”, which is a 1930’s painting by Salvador Dali. Park interpreted this painting through rhythmic patterns and abstract objects in her designs. This could be seen on menswear suits and A-line women dresses that had a beautiful flared bottom. She also added in the investigative work of Sherlock Holmes by referencing the movies mood and background history. However, she translated this through her designs in a unique yet fabulous way! Finger waves, tailored suit, hand gloves, and colored fur were necessities for the Greedilous detectives that catwalk down the runway! My mouth literally dropped when the first model killed the runway with a red suit, oversized black sunnies, and a bright pink fur coat drenched over her shoulders. I don’t know what case she was about to solve, but I know I definitely wanted to be apart of her investigative team! 🙂

Overall, the collection was very feminine with casual silhouettes and a cool girl swag! I was obsessed with every design that came down the runway and could see adding various pieces of the collection to my wardrobe. Take a look a below at my favorite looks from the collection and let me know which piece is your favorite too! 🙂

Greedilous FW17 Greedilous FW17 Greedilous FW17 Greedilous FW17 Greedilous FW17 Greedilous FW17 Greedilous FW17


Thanks for the invite Factory PR!

-xo-  Chrissy Joy

Nicholas K. F/W17 Collection

February 11, 2017

Hey Lovies!

New York Fashion Week 2017 has officially started and the runways are burning up with amazing fall fashions!! Over the next few days I will be reporting on my favorite shows that I attended, along with my NYFW Style Diary! 🙂
Day one of Fashion Week was a bummer for me because I was not feeling well and had to miss all five of my shows for the day (Booo!). Although I was not able to make it to the shows, I tuned into the livestream and social media channels of each designer to get a full peek at the Fall/Winter 2017 looks. One of the shows that I was able to livestream was Nicholas K., and to say that I was blown away would be an understatement!

I am a 90’s baby and I absolutely love everything about that decade! From the fashion, music, and television shows, it was such a memorable era! Nicholas K recognized this as well and payed homage to the 90’s in their Fall/Winter 2017 collection! However, this collection embraced the ”Promising Communal Diversity and Unity” that the 90’s brought through the release of Nelson Mandela, the climax of Hip Hop, and political militancy and experimentalism. It was truly a decade that brought diverse widespread cultural acceptance. This was interpreted on the runway through an array of models of many ethnicities (which I loved!). The models donned oversized foil leather jackets with berets, silk velvet jackets with matching “MC Hammer” style pants, and off the shoulder wrap tops with dresses. Accessorizing these looks were a single oversized earring, a nose ring, and black flat top sunglasses. The collection was a mixture of urban edge, care-free chic, and sophisticated beauty. With all of the antics going on in the world, I truly appreciate when a designer steps up and takes a stand for unity and togetherness. This collection is an example of inclusion, and has an appreciation of a amazing time in history that brought us all together! LOVE! 🙂

Check out my Top picks from the collection below! See the full collection here!

nicholas-k-fw17-look-1 nicholas-k-fw17-look-2 nicholas-k-fw17-look-23

Nicholas K Designers

The designers & their dog! 🙂


** Thank you Factory PR for the invite! **

XO- Chrissy Joy