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Center Stage : Designer Jerome LaMaar

May 22, 2017

Hey Lovies!

At the beginning of this year I re-launched my YouTube Channel! 🙂 There are many features that will be apart of this channel including beauty & hair tutorials, style videos, uplifting testimonies of faith and best of all, Center Stage!

Center Stage is a feature on the Chrissy Joy Style Channel in which I interview various men and women within the fashion & entertainment industry that have uplifting and inspiring testimonies of how they got to where they are at the pinnacle of their career. I believe that everyone has a story of perseverance, faith and hard work that allows them to succeed in their career and my goal is to share their story with YOU to keep you going and working toward the beautiful calling that God has over your life! 🙂

Todays Center Stage feature is on designer, boutique owner, and style philosopher, Jerome LaMaar! From becoming the Creative Director of Baby Phat before the age of 20, to showcasing his collections at New York Fashion Week, and dressing the likes of Beyoncé & Mariah Carey (to name a few). Jerome has paved his own lane in the fashion industry and done so with style and gratitude! Check out his story below and take a tour of his South Bronx gallotique, 9JBX!



Let me know your thoughts on Jerome’s story and if inspired you in any way! 🙂


Videographer: Zerline Alvarez

Video Editor: Destiny Jackson


XO- Chrissy Joy

Pearly White Crush :)

March 15, 2017

Hey Lovies!

Today I have a small obsession to share with you. One that I have had for many years and that some may say is borderline concerning (no shame!). It’s something that has caused me to not clearly concentrate when talking to others during conversations and can automatically attract me to someone almost immediately. Now is my time to clear the air and get it off my chest, and Ive decided to let you know first! I looooovvvvveeeeeee white teeth!!! This obsession literally dates back to summer camp 2001 when I had a huge crush on my camp counselor because he wore a retainer (complete dork I know!), but when he had it removed I was mesmerized by his beautiful white smile!! 🙂 If you’re wondering why I am using todays blog post as a confessional booth, its because I recently received the opportunity to make my teeth white and Ive been crushing on my own smile lately!

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with the amazing folks over at “Smile Brilliant” to test their teeth whitening system! They sent me a super cute kit complete with whitening gel, desensitizing gel, and materials to make my very own custom fitted trays. After making impressions of my teeth and mailing them to the company, I received my trays in the mail two weeks later! Now, to be completely honest this isn’t my first time using a teeth whitening system or having my own trays. I had them made through my dentist about six years ago and wore them sparingly for about three years. I was recently thinking of ordering more gel through my dentist but was presented with this opportunity and decided to try a new product to see how it worked on my teeth. I’ve listed below the pros and cons to trying the “Smile Brilliant” system after using it for two weeks.

  • The system contains desensitizing gel that helps those who have sensitive teeth and can’t handle teeth bleaching. My previous trays did not, which made my teeth super sensitive when using the gel.
  • They trays are fitted perfectly for your teeth and do not have much plastic. I say this because my previous trays were fitted to my teeth AND gums, which caused the gel to touch my gums and caused irritation.
  • You receive plenty of whitening and desensitizing gel! I received 4 syringes of each (8 in total), which technically is supposed to provide 3-4 treatments per syringe, but it lasted longer!


  • With any teeth whitening system you risk irritating your gums with the bleaching gel. This happened to me during one of my treatments. My gums started to burn and swell but I removed my trays immediately and I gave the whitening a break for three days. However, I was told by a “Smile Brilliant” Rep that its best to place Vaseline on your gums when whitening to avoid irritation, and it worked!

Overall, I loved the “Smile Brilliant” whitening system! I thought I had pearly white teeth until my before and after pictures proved that was a lie! lol Now, I can proudly walk around with my teeth on full blast and crushing on myself! But I have even better news, YOU CAN TOO!!!!! Smile Brilliant and I are giving away a complete T3 sensitive smile creation kit (valued at $139) for FREEEE!! Click the link below to enter! 

———≥ â‰¤———–


Photographer: Alexandra Reynolds


-XO- Chrissy Joy

Right on Time!

March 5, 2017

Hey Lovies!

March is officially here which means that Spring is right around the corner (March 20th to be exact!). Spring is my favorite time of the year, so in preparation for its arrival I have decided to get a jumpstart on organizing and planning my wardrobe for the new season. I’ve even started to scout out new spring pieces and accessories that I can buy now and have ready to go for when the weather gets warmer! Im sure you all may not have taken as much of a jumpstart as I have, considering the fact that we are still slumping around in our layers and winter coats here in NYC. Buttttt you won’t have to because I have saved you the trouble in finding one of the best spring accessory to add to your wardrobe and organization efforts for Spring! 🙂

I recently received a beautiful emerald green zebrawood watch from Jord Wood Watches to add to my spring wardrobe and I have been obsessing ever since! My current winter wardrobe of mostly black didn’t quite match well with my new wood watch, so I decided to look deeper in my closet to create a transitional look that could be taken from winter into spring, compliment my new watch, and keep me warm during this final arctic winter days. In doing so I got so excited that I realized that I wanted you all to be able to add a new watch to compliment your upcoming spring looks too! Which is why I have partnered with the amazing folks over at Jord Wood Watches to give one of you lovies a chance to recieve $100 off the watch of your choice! Click the link below to enter for you chance to win! You will receive a $25 off just for entering. May the odds be ever in your favor! 🙂

Click this link to enter for your chance to win. THE LAST DAY TO ENTER IS SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2017 :

Check out my “Reece Series” watch below and let me know your thoughts on my look! 🙂

Chrissy Joy Style x Jord Wood Watches Chrissy Joy Style x Jord Wood Watches Chrissy Joy Style x Jord Wood Watches

Wearing the “Zebrawood & Emerald” Reece Series watch by Jord Wood Watches. Check out more of their selection at their website! 🙂

**This is a sponsored blog post for Jord Wood Watches**

-xo- Chrissy Joy

Anniesa Hasibuan F/W17 Collection

February 22, 2017

Hey Lovies!

We have finally made it my favorite show of New York Fashion Week! This particular designers collection gave me goosebumps last season and made me stand to my feet with applause during the final walk. I literally could not stop talking about how beautiful and powerful her SS17 collection was, and I’m happy to say that she has once again blown my mind with her FW17 collection. This amazing woman that is flipping the fashion industries idea of modest wear upside down is Anniesa Hasibuan.

Anniesa made her New York Fashion Week debut last September with a line of intricately designed modest wear with models adorned in hijabs. For her FW17 collection Anniesa decided to stay true to her culture by keeping her models in hijabs, but decided to celebrate the beauty and power of ALL women of various cultures. Her cast of models included immigrants, green card holders, and first and second generation Americans! She was inspired by the fact that all women are passionate, multidimensional, emotional and strong. She showed that although the world may portray modest-wear as boring, it can also be worn in a way that is chic, feminine and glamorous! From metallic silk pants, to sequin jackets and an embellished top with the letter “A”,  Anniesa’s army has proven to the world that women who choose to dress modest are far from dull and oppressed!

In this day and age, unity is something that we’re learning to cherish daily. It makes me so happy to know that we as a people can unite in more ways than politics. We should learn to embrace cultures and beliefs through fashion, we can also look fabulous while doing so!

Check out my favorite looks from the collection below! 🙂

Anniesa Hasibuan FW17 Anniesa Hasibuan FW17 Anniesa Hasibuan FW17 Anniesa Hasibuan FW17 Anniesa Hasibuan FW17 Anniesa Hasibuan FW17 Anniesa Hasibuan FW17


Thank you for the invite The Riviere Agency!

-xo- Chrissy

Michael Costello F/W 17 Collection

February 21, 2017

Hey Lovies!

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, one designer’s show will always give you a first-hand look at what you will see on the red-carpet of the Grammy’s, Oscar’s, movie premiers, and even concert stages.  Michael Costello is truly known for bringing the extra glam, curve hugging, gone with the wind fabulous pieces and (my fav) the jumpsuits!

Costello’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection channeled the “enviable vixen.” The woman who’s magnetic charisma and extravagant nature keeps her center stage with all eyes on her. She has a rock n roll vibe and could easily be described by others as the “coolest girl in the world.” Models with “Diana Ross” style afros, statement square sunglasses and brim hats embodied this persona in low-cut silk gowns and white jumpsuits with fringe along the sides. 70’s style pieces were seen sashaying down the runway in the form of bell-bottoms, strong shoulders and bell sleeve tops. They were translated through white lace jumpsuits and tops. I predict that after Beyonce snaps-back from delivering her twins she will be seen performing in one of these retro lace designs. I can also envision Tracee Ellis Ross rocking the deep-v plunge black gown with belt detailing, a red lip, statement rings and her classic curly locks! 🙂

Overall, Micheal Costello delivered a show-stopping collection that I cannot wait to see draped on every major celebrity, and throughout the NYC scene! I believe that every woman carries a little bit of a “enviable vixen” within her…some more than others. We are waiting on the right scene, setting, and style moment to bring her out.  Michael Costello would be happy to know that it only takes one of his pieces to bring that side of our personality to life! 🙂

Check out my favorite designs from the collection below and let me know which design you love the most!

Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17


Thanks for the invite MAO PR !

-xo- Chrissy Joy