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Banana Republic S/S17 Style Party

May 17, 2017

Hey Lovies!

On Saturday, May 13th, 2017 I had the pleasure of hosting a Style Party at the Banana Republic- FlatIron store in Manhattan, New York. During the event, I styled six influencers in Banana Republic Spring/Summer 2017 looks for a presentation, followed by shopping the store for new looks for their followers, friends and family. The entire process leading up to this day was such a blessing that I naturally had to tell you all about it, plus the lesson I learned from the event! 🙂

It all started a few months ago when I was invited by Banana Republic to attend a “Pant Event” they were having at their FlatIron Store. Another blogger and I came to the store in our favorite Banana Republic pants (given as a courtesy) to show how we styled our pants and made it our own. After the event, I connected with the assistant store manager and expressed my interest in the store and in attending future events.  I also threw out a random idea of possibly putting together an event at the store (which I thought would totally get shut down) only to have her instruct me to send her an email with my ideas. That evening I went home and tried to brainstorm as many ideas as possible to send to her, yet I could only come up with one idea! I started to freak out and thought that my creative juices weren’t flowing! After hours of listening to music, taking a walk around the neighborhood, and researching ideas online (things that I usually do to get my creativity flowing) I finally stopped and started to pray. I had come to the end of my rope and realized that at this point I had no choice but to give it all to God and ask for help. His answer was simple, “I have already given you what you need!”  I didn’t need to have a million choices to present because he had already given me the winning choice ahead of time (which indeed was approved by the assistant manager)!

From that point on everything seemed to seamlessly fall into place! From the hair and makeup, to the DJ and photographer, and even the models/influencers (which I had the freedom in choosing). Everything fell within the allotted budget and happened at the perfect timing. It was as if God wanted to assure me that by trusting in him and the one idea that he gave me, everything else would be taken care of. He also wanted to remind me of my purpose, because to be completely honest, I was having a moment where it started to become foggy! I have always had a passion for fashion styling, but recently I was having a dry period and started to question whether I was meant to do it anymore. I began questioning my abilities, felt like I was in a rut, and even started to get anxiety at the thought of styling photo shoots and people.

On the day of the event, I spent the morning with God and told him to completely lead my day. I asked him to help me through my styling anxiety and to show me through this event what I should do next. On the day of the event it was cold, rainy and just overall nasty (which negatively affected the amount of foot traffic at the store and the event), but I’m thankful to those who braved the weather and made the event perfect! I was able to connect with others within my industry and my good friends. I felt some anxiety at first while styling the looks, but all of my doubts, fears and worried subsided when I looked at the beautiful models standing in their styled looks. It reaffirmed to me why I began styling and the feeling of sheer happiness when I see how beautiful and happy others feel and look when they are styled.

Overall, this experience was such a eye opener and faith builder all wrapped up in one! It taught me that with God you always have more than enough and are exactly where you need to be. Even when you have moments of doubt and question his abilities, he will always show you that he is control



Special Thanks to the Influencers/Models :

Monica Deldoc

Khalid Briggs

Brian Salvadore

Yoel Rodriguez

Ellese Launer

Micaela Verrelien


@AnaMarGlam for Hair & Makeup

@Kylejgrahamphotography & @Deannaldn for Photography


A HUGE THANKS to Trevia Kinlocke and Banana Republic- FlatIron Store for the amazing opportunity, you all are awesome! 🙂


XOXO- Chrissy Joy




Calendar Girl

May 6, 2017

Hey lovies!

It’s Mayyy!! The sun is shining, the pools are opening and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom! I love everything about spring time which means I have been bopping around these NYC streets with a smile on my face for the past few days. The only thing that has been playing with my emotions lately has been the temperature of the weather! One day will be a high of 85 degrees and the next the high will be 60 degrees. The current scenery in NYC looks like spring but the temperature makes it feel like it’s fall.

This thought has been reigning in my mind for the past week, until God showed me how this current weather situation can be applied to other areas of my life. On Tuesday night, one of the ministers at my church made a statement that has been food for thought for me! She said that sometimes God can tell us we are in a certain season but the conditions that come with the season say otherwise. The season may feel and even look like your past season, yet God keeps telling you that it is a new season of endless possibilities.  It is in those moments that you must learn to believe in what your (God) calendar is saying. The forecast of your life could lead you to believe that you are in the middle of hurricane season with no end in sight, but if your (God) calendar tells you that you are in the middle of spring with endless blossoms and flowers, BELIEVE IT!!

God cannot operate when doubt is present, but when you can walk with your head held high in the middle of hurricane, wearing a bright floral sundress and a smile, you wont need God to reassure you of your new season, because you will already be smelling the flowers! 🙂




Jumpsuit: Y&R Boutique || Jacket : Shirley & Alice Vintage Boutique || Sunglasses : Mahps Vintage || Shoes : ALDO


Photographer: @trustmyeye


XO – Chrissy Joy

Pantene Praise!

October 18, 2016

Hey Lovies!

As you all may know, I take my hair VERY serious. So much so, that after living in New York for 4.5 years I STILL have not committed to a hair salon. Instead I travel to North Carolina every other month to visit family…hair stylist included. Because of my hair commitment issue I’ve had to learn how to care for my hair and make sure it stays healthy in-between salon visits.

Many people have asked me what products I use on my hair to keep it moisturized and full of body. I usually go back and forth between Pantene and Tresemmè products, but recently Pantene sent me a few hair care products from their “Smooth & Sleek” collection. It included shampoo, conditioner (both include argon oil) and their “Frizz Fixing Serum”. It was perfect timing because today is my wash day! It was also a great way for me to test the strength of their product because my hair is relaxed, but about 15% of my hair (my roots) is curly. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical and nervous as to how my hair would react to new products since my hair is currently in a tricky transition stage, but the results came in a dramatic way….SUCCESS!!

My hair has NEVER been this easy to manage when I’m in-between relaxed treatments! I let the “smooth & silky” conditioner sit on my hair for about five minutes before I tried to comb it through, and it detangled my hair immediately! After blow-drying my hair it felt super smooth, manageable, and smelled like a soft perfume! I literally walked around my apartment for a good 10 minutes flipping my hair like I was in the middle of a Beyoncé performance.

I think it’s safe to say that the “Smooth & Sleek” collection by Pantene has won my stamp of approval and has given me a Beyoncé moment I will never forget ! 🙂



Chrissy Joy Style

Make sure to pick up the collection at your nearest drugstore! Also stay tuned into my Instagram as I test drive the “Frizz Fixing Serum” on my hair later this week! 🙂

Xo- Chrissy Joy


The Test Of Time 

June 30, 2016

A woman’s hair is to be cherished! It’s our crown and has the ability to change your look dramatically when altered!

Last year, I partnered with the awesome folks at “Irresistible Me” to try their 100% human hair clips. It was my first time using hair clips and I was super excited because I was looking for a better alternative to sew-in weave. After only one month of using the clips I was in love with them! Read here about my thoughts from my previous post! I knew that my hair had found its match, and that for the next 3-6 months (the usual life of hair clips) my crown would be snatched! Lol 🙂

However, what I didn’t expect was that today, 9 MONTHS LATER, my hair clips would still be going strong! I can honestly say that my clips are still as strong today as they were when I first received them! The only difference I’ve noticed is that the color of the hair is slightly lighter, which is probably because I was in the sun more during the spring and early summer months. This actually works great for blending with my hair because my natural hair color tends to change colors when I am in the sun. I’ve also noticed that a few of the 12 clips have some split ends, which is due to using heat on the hair when using my flat iron. These are normal changes that have not negatively affected the overall look of my hair clips.

What I love most is that I’m able to keep the strength and vibrance of my real hair when wearing them. I also have the versatility of taking them out to allow my hair the opportunity to “breathe” whenever I want! I usually wear them for about two weeks, but I give my hair a break a few days in between. I also take out the largest clip when I sleep to make sure that it doesn’t put too much pressure on my hair.

I’ve recommended the clips to many people that have asked about my hair, as well as six of my girlfriends. Each of the women purchased their own set of clips and have had only great things to say about their new hair!

I’ve experienced amazing results and have heard great reports from others regarding “Irresistible Me” hair clips, so I HAD to give you all a follow-up report of my hair journey! I think it’s safe to say that I am a “Irresistible Me” BELIEVER !! 🙂

Check out my hair journey below!











I’m riding this hair wave until it wipes out and you should too! To take your crown to the next level, head over to IrresistibleMe to order your clips now!


Xoxo – Chrissy Joy

Bridging The Gap

May 24, 2016

Hey Lovies! 

 Have you ever watched someone you know take a turn for the worst? You’ve watched them go from bubbly and charismatic to someone who barely smiles or can even look at themselves in the mirror. You want to offer words of encouragement, but you know that it will fall on deaf ears because the person is convinced that you’re just being their friend and don’t really mean it. 

 In these moments, you may feel helpless or think there is nothing you can do to turn the situation around or that the situation is a never-ending puzzle. You may be wrong. In fact, you may actually be the missing piece to the puzzle that brings the masterpiece together. 

 Here are three steps that you should take to fulfill your role as the missing puzzle piece: 

 1. Pray. If you need to grab another close mutual girlfriend (someone you can truly trust and won’t judge the situation) to pray with you, do it! If you haven’t noticed from my previous post, there is definitely power in prayer! 

2. Believe. No matter how annoying, long, redundant, and crazy it may seem for you to keep believing positive thoughts about this person, keep telling yourself that somehow, something amazing is going to happen. Keep believing! The last thing your friend needs is for you to give up.  

3. Keep Living. This can sometimes be the hardest task of all! When someone tells you to trust that God is in control of a situation and not stress about it, your first instinct is to say “that’s easier said than done.” However, when you truly apply this tip to your life you will find yourself at peace which will in turn will bring peace to your friend. 

 You may not know it, but you are the answer to someone’s prayers. You are the missing piece that can change a situation. But the power inside you won’t be released until you use it to bridge the gap and create the masterpiece. 🙂 




  Top: Sosie Natasha Off The Shoulder Top

Shorts :Tolani Collection Sabina Shorts

Shoes: “Schutz” (The exact pair is sold out, but below is a great similar option that I love!)

Jessica Simpson Racine Suede Cage Heels • Jessica Simpson • $110

 Makeup By Chinaza Moses

Photographer : CR Creative Studios

Specal Thanks to all of the amazing folks over at RedLight PR !! 🙂


XoXo- Chrissy Joy