Georgine F/W17 Collection

February 16, 2017

Hey Lovies!

It brings me great pleasure to talk about this next brand on my list of favorite Fall/Winter 2017 collections from the season’s NYFW shows. I usually like to save her review for last, but I’ve been so gitty to talk about the collection since I saw the designs come down the runway! This designer is non-other than my fav, Georgine! 🙂

If you’ve been following my New York Fashion Week coverage for at least the past three season’s, you may already know that my love for the brand Georgine runs deep! I always find myself in awe of her collections and gushing about it days after the show has ended. This season was no exception! Designer, Georgine Ratelband brought her A-game once again in a Fall/Winter collection that was inspired by “permanent hotel dwellers, the glamorous creatures that have called the most prestigious properties home.” Think Coco Chanel’s iconic suite at “The Ritz” and Howard Hughes bungalow at “The Hotel Beverly Hills”. Georgine translated this inspiration into lavish designs that included metallics, fur, leather and lace. It gave me the vibes of an Upper East Side young woman with a Soho flair of style. She showcased looks that a woman may wear to work or a night on the town. Even the nightgown looked as though it could be effortlessly dressed up and worn from her hotel to the fabulous streets of Paris or New York. It was a beautiful representation of how the transient energy of these legends living in chic quarters fueled their creativity and made everyday feel like a permanent fabulous vacation. 

Overall, I am in love with this ENTIRE collection and would definetly rock any of these pieces on any given day! Georgine continues to blow my mind with her extraordinary designs with intricate detailing. I am super anxious to see next season’s designs as I know it will again be a home-run ball that gets knocked out of the park! 🙂

Check out my favorites from the collection below and let me know which look is your favorite!



Thank you for the invite MAO PR!

-xo- Chrissy Joy

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