Michael Costello F/W 17 Collection

February 21, 2017

Hey Lovies!

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, one designer’s show will always give you a first-hand look at what you will see on the red-carpet of the Grammy’s, Oscar’s, movie premiers, and even concert stages.  Michael Costello is truly known for bringing the extra glam, curve hugging, gone with the wind fabulous pieces and (my fav) the jumpsuits!

Costello’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection channeled the “enviable vixen.” The woman who’s magnetic charisma and extravagant nature keeps her center stage with all eyes on her. She has a rock n roll vibe and could easily be described by others as the “coolest girl in the world.” Models with “Diana Ross” style afros, statement square sunglasses and brim hats embodied this persona in low-cut silk gowns and white jumpsuits with fringe along the sides. 70’s style pieces were seen sashaying down the runway in the form of bell-bottoms, strong shoulders and bell sleeve tops. They were translated through white lace jumpsuits and tops. I predict that after Beyonce snaps-back from delivering her twins she will be seen performing in one of these retro lace designs. I can also envision Tracee Ellis Ross rocking the deep-v plunge black gown with belt detailing, a red lip, statement rings and her classic curly locks! 🙂

Overall, Micheal Costello delivered a show-stopping collection that I cannot wait to see draped on every major celebrity, and throughout the NYC scene! I believe that every woman carries a little bit of a “enviable vixen” within her…some more than others. We are waiting on the right scene, setting, and style moment to bring her out.  Michael Costello would be happy to know that it only takes one of his pieces to bring that side of our personality to life! 🙂

Check out my favorite designs from the collection below and let me know which design you love the most!

Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17 Michael Costello FW17


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