No means “Next Opportunity”

Have you ever been so close to your dream opportunity that you could taste it! You’re making every possible right move in the direction of obtaining it, and at this point the opportunity is pretty much already yours in your mind. Then suddenly at the last second it falls through and doesn’t happen….what should have been the touchdown pass was blocked at the very last second. W. T. F !!! You’re pissed off once again because what seemed like a open door for the perfect opportunity was closed in your face for no reason!

Well, what if you later found out that the door to this opportunity was always closed to begin with. Not because of sexism, racism or anything to do with you…simply because it wasn’t big enough.

Welp, this happen to me earlier this week! I just knew that this particular opportunity had my name written all over it and that it would lead to what I have been praying for, for so long. But it didn’t happen! After my slight temper-tantrum in questioning God’s reasoning, he showed me that it was never mine to begin with. He said that I had actually been standing outside of a door that HE had closed and locked and was trying to make it open. If I would have consulted with him about the opportunity before I went after it, he would have showed me that it was a mediocre opportunity and that the door was closed before I wasted my time standing outside of the doorway.

Well hot dawg!! I went from being to angry to grateful in a split second! Lol

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person this has happened to, but I may have been one of the few that was able to get the revelation of how a “no” to a opportunity was actually in my favor. We all have the ability to get this revelation through prayer. Our journey of chasing our dreams is always a process of moving forward, but in that process we should always take the time to pray/consult with God about opportunities while we are moving so that we aren’t moving in the wrong direction, or worst, stopping our moving forward by standing outside of closed door or unnecessary road blocks that could have easily been walked around.

Prayer is powerful thing that has the power to reroute us and save us wasted time, it can give us the eyes of Christ to see beyond the mediocre and bullcrap, and it can push us beyond the shadows and bring us into the light. πŸ™‚

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