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27 !

July 13, 2017

Hey Lovies!

I am officially 27 years old! Today is my birthday and I am so excited to embark on a new year of endless possibilities and ventures! When I first thought about my birthday and the idea of turning 27 I figured that it was no big deal!  In my mind it was another year that should not be given as much celebration because it wasn’t anything spectacular. Year 16, 21 and 25 were my designated glory years that I decided to go all out on celebrating, but no other year would receive as much recognition…..or so I thought.

For the past week I have been fasting and decided to take some time away from social media, television, and many other things that I give a lot of attention to on a daily basis. During the week, I replaced that time with more God-time. This included reading my bible, prayer, meditation, and listening to worship music. It was a time to deepen my relationship with Christ and understand what He wants for me in this new year of life that I’m preparing to enter. It was challenging at times, because after a long day of work I really wanted to go home, curl up on the couch and watch a movie or an old episode of “Forensic Files” on YouTube (my fav!). However, while pushing past my television cravings I realized that my mindset changed a lot during the week! The areas of my life and ministry that seemed to be difficult to accomplish suddenly became easier to complete. The views I had of certain people and the situations I encountered became different and more compassionate as well!

Overall, I feel as though I see things with a new level of gratitude and appreciation! Nothing is too small or too trivial for a “Thank You Jesus” moment. Whether it’s getting a free meal at work or celebrating my 27th year of life. Every day that I wake up with breath in my lungs and good health is a reason to celebrate!

So today is a ULTRA celebration of happiness, thanksgiving and gratefulness to God for allowing me to see another year. I can’t wait to share another year of style and faith with you all through this platform, so stay tuned because this year will be the BEST YET!! 🙂


Jumpsuit: Nasty Gal | Belt : Delicate Raymond | Hoops : Delicate Raymond | Sunglasses : Mahps Vintage | Sandals : ALDO


Photographer: @trustmyeye (IG)


XO – Chrissy Joy


NYFW 2017 Style Diary

February 22, 2017

Hey Lovies!

New York Fashion Week was very interesting for me this season. It started off cold and nasty but ended on a brighter and less messy note. I only attended about 2.5 days of shows (even though I originally planned to attend 5 days) due to being sick on the first day and booking a styling gig on the last three days of shows. At first I was annoyed at how everything I’d planned seemed to be getting derailed and flipped around.  Many of the shows that I was most excited about seeing…I missed!
I forced myself to change my perspective on day four. This was the day that I was offered a styling gig for the remaining three days of Fashion Week, but wondered if it would be worth it to miss the rest of the week. However, God showed me that this was exactly what I had been praying for, but in a different package.

One of my goals for the year is to have multiple streams of income from various jobs (styling, blogging, contributing, commercial modeling, etc.) I wrote within my goals that I wanted to always have money coming in from one of these areas. God quickly reminded me of this when I accepted a styling job during a time that I really wanted to see my favorite designers new collections come down the runway (up close and personal.)  He also reminded me that I don’t have to always be on the scene and in front of the lights to have an experience. I was not at the shows for the majority of this season, but the time I attended was memorable. I made awesome connections, caught up with old friends, and made new ones. It was the perfect example of how sometimes less is more!

This season, I only have two looks for my NYFW Style Diary, but I am  in love with each look and had fun putting them together! They’re both layered looks that include pieces from Brooklyn vintage boutique, Shirley and Alice! Check them out below and let me know which one is your favorite! 🙂

Jumpsuit & Jacket : Shirley & Alice Vintage Boutique || Silk Printed Scarf : Crossroads Trading Company || Bag: Ralph Lauren || Sunglasses : Sunglass Spot || Booties : Zara


dsc_0868 Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style

Jacket : Shirley & Alice Vintage Shop || Turtleneck & Long Button Down: H&M || Lace Skirt: Crossroad Trading Company || Shoes: Converse || Sunglasses : Mahps Vintage


Until next season! 🙂

-xo- Chrissy Joy

The Power of Prayer 

May 17, 2016

Hey lovies!

Have you ever prayed for something you really wanted? I’m not talking about praying a few times and stopping after a few days. I mean REALLY praying for something and not stopping until you see it manifest, even if it takes months or years! Lately, I’ve learned that these are the prayers that sometimes drive us the craziest, but also have the power to start a revolution.

Out of natural instinct our bodies are programmed to push us to a certain limit, but once we hit that limit it takes an external push to keep us going (whether it be our family, kids, mentors or friends) or our bodies will physically shut down. The results can come through sickness, stress, hair loss and anxiety. I’ve come to realize that although I have a awesome support system of family, friends and church, what has truly kept me going through certain obstacles in my life has been prayer. It is the one thing that has brought me peace and given me the strength to keep pushing beyond the limits that my body would allow me to go.

Through this pushing and perseverance something beautiful emerges; an answered prayer! 🙂 Not only was the prayer answered, but it brought an increase in my faith and assurance that this answered prayer is only the beginning of something huge! God is not in the business of simply answering prayers, he makes sure to follow them up with something mind blowing that shows the world that only HE could have pulled it off. These acts are the first steps of revolution that inspires others and brings them to God.

It’s a fact that a woman who gets what she wants is happy, but a woman who gets what she wants through perseverance in God has the ability to change the world ! 🙂


 boohoo Sadie Single Platform Strappy • Boohoo

Skies Are Blue Cut-Out Jumpsuit

Violeta BY MANGO Paisley Print Scarf • Violeta BY MANGO

Mini Flower Layered Choker Necklace

Photographer: Najah Cobb (@russianroulette on Instagram) 

XoXo- Chrissy Joy 

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The Waiting Room

May 5, 2015

Growing up, I’ve always heard the saying “patience is a virtue” in regards to my “I have to have it now!” personality. I never really understood what was so virtuous about it, and why people always made it seem like it was so wrong to receive what you want without having to wait 10+ years (or so it always feels like) to get it. I mean, if I pray and work hard for what I want, why can’t I just receive it when I want it?!

This has been a question in the back of my mind for awhile as I stand on his promises in what feels like the “waiting room” in my life. It wasn’t until recently that I had a revelation which made the lightbulb go off in my head, and finally my question was answered.

Failure. It’s a word that sends chills down my spine at just the thought of it, yet it is exactly what happens when we don’t allow patience to operate in our lives. Imagine having a mountain bike that you’ve worked hard at using every day, and now you’ve mastered how to ride it effortlessly. Now, imagine that you have just been gifted a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yes, it’s still a bike, but it’s on a new level and a lot more advanced than your mountain bike you’ve been riding every day. If you jump on and start riding without adequate training you’re gonna crash on the first ride. Or, if you encounter a situation on the bike that you’re not familiar with because you haven’t properly prepared, the results could be deadly.

Sometimes we feel like we are ready for what we’ve been hoping and praying for right away, but little do we know that God may be trying to give us that request plus more (which equals up to a Harley Davidson or bigger). Rather than gifting it to us as soon as we ask or when we feel we’re ready for it, he will have us wait and properly prepare ourselves so that we do not face inevitable failure once we receive it.

Now, I’m no genius, BUT I would consider myself to be very smart and I can usually learn things pretty quickly. So this made me think…if God has me in this “waiting room” for THIS LONG and still feels like I’m not quite ready for the magnitude of his blessing, well gosh darn-it this must be a MOUNTAIN-SIZE blessing coming my way!! 🙂 I’m totally willing to wait because with something that big coming, I definitely don’t want failure to come anywhere near it!

Chrissy joy style Chrissy joy style Chrissy joy style Chrissy joy style Chrissy joy style Imag

Jumpuit: H&M || Booties: Urban Outfitters || Sunglasses: Aldo || Lipstick: Sephora Luster Matte (deep plum)

Photographer: Roberto Johnson of

Xo, Chrissy Joy

Wheels & Heels

October 13, 2014

Hey Lovies!

I am back in New York! 🙂 My North Carolina vacation was so needed, and a overall relaxing and fun time. Although I am back in the city, this week will be the conclusion of my North Carolina shoot that I did with my good friend/photographer, Najah Cobb. For today’s look we made our way to a old-fashioned tire-shop in Greensboro, NC that was being ran by a young boy and his dog! I loved the scenery of this area, it reminded me of a scene from the “Andy Griffith” show with “Opie” and his dog. lol (My dad has always been obsessed with that show, so anytime I am around certain country rustic areas it brings back memories of particular moments from the show). 🙂

I chose a green jumpsuit as today’s outfit. It went perfectly with the scenery, and was purchased for a steal at H&M (only $20!). Jumpsuits are literally my favorite thing to wear! They are so easy to put on and go, and they also meet my 3C requirement (chic, comfortable, cute). I accessorized the jumpsuit with a gold statement necklace, and finished the look off with booties and pair of tortoise-rimmed aviators. I’d like to think that I represent a new type of worker for this tire shop…one who knows her way around, and is paired with killer heels rather than a dog. 🙂



Green Jumpsuit: H&M // Necklace: H&M // Booties: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Aldo


Photographer: Najah Cobb (@russian_roulett)


Xo, Chrissy Joy