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Season Change

April 19, 2017

Hey lovies!

One month ago there was a change that occurred in the United Sates. Our season shifted from winter to spring! Although we can hardly feel the physical difference, our calendar tells us that we are midway through pollen season. One day after this changed occurred another season shifted, but its effects were truly felt, because the changed occurred in my life! πŸ™‚

For the past ten months God has truly been working on my faith and preparing me for something that I have yet to discover. I have been asked to step out on faith on numerous occasions with my only safety net being my full reliance on him, I have felt more uncomfortable than comfortable, and I have lost count of how many times I have asked God “WHY?!”. But through it all he has been crazy faithful and so full of grace and mercy! He has given me more reasons than not to love him more than my issues and miniscule problems. <3 This love was translated into gratefulness on March 21st, 2017 when I woke up to start my first day at a new job that God blessed me with! Everything felt different on that beautiful Tuesday morning and I feel like I have been riding on a cloud ever since. I have witnessed prayers and goals that I have written down start to unfold before my eyes in my personal and spiritual life! NONE of these blessings have come in the form that I expected them to come in, but nonetheless I am so beyond grateful to God for opening them and showing me that his ways are better than mine! πŸ™‚

I have learned from this season change that trusting in God is not merely for your benefit, but for God’s amazing blessings to be displayed through your life for his glory! So if you’re in your season of “why?!”, know that your season change may not always be displayed in a way that you expect, but it will definitely be felt in a way that is undeniable! πŸ™‚



Vintage Vest: Shirley & Alice || Leather Pants: Shirley & Alice || Sheer Top: Vintage || Heels: Forever 21 || Sunglasses : Sunglass Spot


Photographer: @trustmyeye


XO- Chrissy Joy

Doctors Orders

March 10, 2017

Patience is a gift that’s available to all but few decide to actually receive it. Some people accept their gift and have been using it faithfully, some take it out of storage as needed, and others have been letting it collect dust in the back of the closet for ages! lol I would like to think that I have been using my gift of patience everyday but the reality is that I take it out sparingly. I know that there are certain situations in which I should use it, but I seem to only use it in extreme cases. I asked God recently how I could make better use of the gift He has given me. I really wanted to learn how to have patience in every situation, not just when I have been pushed to the limit and chose to use it grudgingly.

God later showed me that patience can only grow by using it often. This can come from serving in areas that require you to use patience. Think of it like working out, your body will not get use to working out often and will always get sore until you begin to work those muscles often. The same can be said for patience! When you take the advantage of the opportunity to serve in the children’s ministry of your church, or biting your tongue at work whenever that nagging nancy says little things to get under your skin. Every response to ignorance doesn’t need to be anger. No one has been given the right to disturb your peace, it’s yours to control and keep! Practicing patience is just what the doctor (God) has ordered to keep your gift alive and well!

Check out what the other doctor (Dr. Marten) has prescribed for my look today! πŸ™‚

Beaded Sweater : Shirley & Alice Vintage || Jacket: Zara || Pants: H&M || Boots: Dr. Marten || Sunglasses : Sunglasses Spot

Photograoher : Alexandra Reynolds

XX- Chrissy Joy

The Evolution of Chrissy Joy Style

November 7, 2016

Hey Lovies!

Last week was the three year anniversary of Chrissy Joy Style. It was a momentous time of celebration, but also a time to reflect on how far I have come and where my journey is taking me.

When I started, my original vision for this blog was to share the fashion that inspired me through everyday people, movies, encounters, etc. However, as time progressed God began to insert himself into the vision that I had for myself more and more. He kept my idea of inspiring others, but changed my way of doing it. It went from talking about fashion to words of motivation and personal revelations; and the times that fashion, beauty and haircare are mentioned there is always a bigger message behind it. These changes started to become more evident in my second year of blogging, but now that I am in the third year another change has been made to evolve even more.

I have always loved meeting new people and fascinated to listen to others share their passion and what birthed it. So moving forward, in addition to sharing inspiring messages through my personal revelations, I will be sharing other entrepreneurs/businesses success stories that came from following their vision/passion in an effort to provide more motivational and uplifting content for you! πŸ™‚ Many of these stories will be videos of my experiences with these businesses, and one-on-one interviews with amazing entrepreneurs! Each video will be posted to my YouTube Channel, so make sure to subscribe now! I will also share my fashion and beauty secrets on the channel!

I am so excited for this new addition of positivity to the Chrissy Joy Style Empire, and for God to bring happiness and inspiration into your life through these videos! Stay tuned and follow along daily with me via Instagram! The time is now and we have arrived!! πŸ™‚

Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style Chrissy Joy Style

Top: Victoria Secret || Bralette: Urban Outfitters || Skirt: Custom C. Adeola Design || Jacket : Forever 21 || Thigh High Socks : American Apparel || Boots : BCBG Generation

Photographer : Zerline Alvarez

Makeup & Hair: Joli Beauty Bar NYC


xo- Chrissy Joy

Healing Hand

May 31, 2016

Hey Lovies! 

Today’s post is one that has touched me personally in a big way. I wasn’t planning on talking about this until I began looking through the pictures that I was planning to post, and I found myself staring at a picture of a necklace hanging from my neck. Have you ever buried something so deep within that you forget about it, then a person, thing or picture makes you have a flashback? Well, that’s what happened. 

When I was about seven years old, I started to develop a rash on my neck. It started out small, but later spanned across my entire neck. It also developed on the inner parts of both of my arms and also around my belly button. It didnt itch or have any drainage…it was just there. My parents took me to a dermatologist, but the doctor couldn’t figure out what it was and sent me home with a creme. Needless to say the creme didn’t work and actually made the rash on my stomach spread even more. I wanted to pretend the rash wasn’t there to make myself feel better, but there was always that one ballsy kid that would muster up enough courage to point it out in front of everyone and ask “what’s that thing on your neck?!” I started to wear long sleeve shirts to cover the inner parts of my arms and I always wore a one-piece when going to the beach/pool because of the rash. I would even wear this burgundy sleeveless mock-turtleneck during the summer to try to cover my neck. 

This went on for about five years. I went to countless dermatologist, had a drawer full of every cream you could imagine (none of which worked, or made the rashes worse.) It wasn’t until my parents finally decided that enough was enough and told me that we were going to pray moving forward. I remember the day they called me into their room, prayed over my body, anointed me with oil and said that God was going to heal me.

The healing wasn’t immediate, but over a three year span my rash began to disappear. No creams, lotions or pills needed! I had completely forgotten about it until I went swimsuit shopping one day and realized that what was left of the rash on my stomach had completely cleared up! I walked away from the store that day with my first bikini! πŸ™‚ 

Typing this story makes me tear up because it was something that affected me for so long and made me question if God would ever heal me completely. However, it also taught me that things may not happen exactly when we want, but God NEVER forgets about us. He always delivers his healing right on time and makes us even more beautiful afterwards than when our story began!

            The items in this outfit are not available, but below is an almost identical look with items that I love! πŸ™‚

Women’s Tory Burch 53mm Polarized Retro Sunglasses – Light Tortoise/ Polar β€’ Tory Burch

Aldo Fritano Wrap-around Pump β€’ Aldo

ASOS COLLECTION ASOS Leather Look Pencil Skirt with Utility Pockets β€’ Asos

H&M – Lace Off-the-shoulder Blouse – Black – Ladies β€’ H&M


Makeup by Chinaza Moses 

Photography by CR Creative Studios 

XoXo- Chrissy Joy

I thought about giving up, then I remembered HE was watchingΒ 

November 3, 2015

β€œWrite the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come. It will not tarry.”Habakkuk 2:2-3 [NKJV]

Two years down and a lifetime to go! It is officially Chrissy Joy Style’s 2nd Anniversary! πŸ™‚

Chrissy Joy Style blog was launched on November 1, 2013, after a failed attempt at launching a blog in October of 2012 (which only lasted about 2 months). God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed the desire in my heart to start a blog in 2012. But the timing just wasn’t right. I knew that I wanted to have a fashion blog, but my motives were all wrong. I wanted to be all about fashion runways, street style, the latest trends, and most importantly, MEEE!! πŸ™‚ Which is okay for some (not knocking anyone’s blog, I actually follow a lot of blogs like this!), but that just wasn’t the plan that He had for me with my blog. So as you can imagine, He shut that down quickly. Lol However, that did not stop my desire. I began to study the Word and pray to figure out where I went wrong the first time. I also wrote out my goals at the beginning of 2013, which included trying to start the blog up again.

Nine long months went by and no blog was started. I didn’t know where to start! I knew that I wanted to revamp the blog in a new way, but I couldn’t come up with a name and I didn’t know all the technical details behind making a nice website. (My first attempt was a generic template with the WordPress domain name.) I started to question whether this dream was ever really going to be materialize because even though I had written out my vision for starting the blog at the beginning of the year, I was in the last months and NOTHING was coming together.

On October 1, 2013, everything changed. It started with a random dream that I had that included the name of the blog, the tagline for the blog, and the date: November 1, 2013. Once I started writing these impressions on paper, it was like I couldn’t stop coming up with ideas! I instantly knew that this was my moment and I needed to put all of these brainstormed ideas into action by November 1st.

At first, I thought I would hire someone to design the blog, but I did the research and figured out how to do it myself! I randomly ran into my friend, Jojo, who I used to work with in retail, and I remembered he told me he was trying to start photography. So I set up a lunch with him and asked he could be my photographer for the blog. The answer…YES! Long story short, every single thing that I needed in order to start the blog happened in that one month! *Insert praise dance*…And the rest is history!

It’s so funny when I look back on my first post (Let The Journey Begin), because I have evolved so much since then. But it’s also a sweet reminder of how God has the power to turn things around at the blink of an eye! It may seem like the end of the year is near and the goals/vision you have written for the year have not happened yet, or you don’t even have a clue how they could even begin to happen. Trust me. All God needs is your willingness, obedience, patience, and an appointed time…and that vision will manifest itself! It may happen in a month. It may happen in a week. Or even one day…

Just believe that it will happen and IT WILL! πŸ™‚

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Chunky Sweater: H&M || Fringe Skirt: Missguided || Heels: Schutz || Bangles: Vintage

Photographer: Derek Sturdivant of Zhetut.comΒ 

Xo, Chrissy Joy