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December 21, 2014

Hey Lovies!

This week’s look was inspired by a random styling session at work. It was a slow day, so I decided to try on a few holiday clothing pieces and have a fun styling session with my co-worker, Francisco, so that we could come up with more outfit ideas for our customers. I tried on a few skirts and tops, along with a gorgeous lace gown that I have been drooling over from our resort collection. It wasn’t until I put on this amazing wine-colored reversible fur jacket named “Charla” that the idea began to emerge. I paired the jacket with a pair of dark wash denim leggings, a embellished shell, and open-toe heels . While admiring my look in the mirror, Francisco asked me to take my fur jacket off and turn it around. I thought he was asking to see the reversible feature of the jacket, until he literally took the jacket out of my hands and helped me to put it on backwards. The beautiful jacket instantly became a fur top with a sexy slit in the back (if worn without a shirt under and snapped at the top). I was so in love! I am obsessed with wearing single clothing items in multiple ways as it allows me to play around with different looks, and keeps my creative juices flowing!

Outfit from Styling Session that Inspired Today’s Look. Curated by Me 🙂 

Charla Reversible Jacket / Loretta Shell / Legging Denim / Keri Metallic Sandal 

TB Look

Later in the week when it was time to shoot for the blog, I looked through my closet to see what I could put together in order to try out my new jacket idea. I chose my gold-striped jacket that looked like a striped gold top backwards, and paired it with a old-party dress from college. Brilliant! I have been holding on to this inexpensive body-con dress for about 3 years (it’s literally been collecting dust) because I wanted to find another way to wear it. I chose to wear it as a top with today’s look, and tucked the remainder of the dress into a pencil skirt. I also added a removable fur collar that I took from a sweater (you may remember the it from my 1 Year anniversary post!).

So… this outfit was the end result of a styling/fit session at work, my random 3 years of hoarding a party dress from college and my removable fur from a sweater….Enjoy! lol 🙂


After the Jacket Switch 🙂 

hvfgb_10 hvfgb_15 hvfgb_13 hvfgb_20



Jacket: Y.R Boutique // Dress: Forever 21 // Skirt: BCBG // Heels: Victoria Secret Online


Photographer: Sean Igwe


Xo, Chrissy Joy

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    Very cute! Luv the jacket.

    • Chrissy Joy December 22, 2014 at 11:46 am

      Thank you love! 🙂